Thursday, January 22, 2015

Everyone MUST meet me Tomorrow Friday

Dear All,

I had been under rest in the last 4 days - backpain has left me unable to work - with great luck and a will to recover for your sake have made it possible to go back to work from Tomorrow (Friday). I want to arrive at the class at 7.00 am and work till 2 pm. I will expect ALL of you to come before 9 am as I plan to work on the following.
  1. CSS Profile
  2. ALL Supplement
  3. Any parent can meet me tomorrow FRIDAY. However, I will only be able to spend 5 minutes for every session. 
  4. I also want to see your Research Proposals of those who are yet to present one.
  5. Saturday timing will be from 8.00 am till 6 pm.
I hope we shall have plenty of Tea/Coffee and may be some other refreshments. I can not wait to see you all tomorrow with a huge energy from all of you. 

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