Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Application Joke

Ishmum: Do you know REED is the only college that has a reactor for undergrad school.
Rakeen: Yes, they do. Only it's the size of a Washing Machine.
Everyone: Ha ha hee hee hee ho o o
Ishmum: But, listen ...
Everyone: Oh hoh hoh ho ... ha hah hah!
Ishmum: This is one college that keep their doors open to every THING!
Fahim: I wish they will be open for you.
Everyone: Oh hoh hoh ho ... ha hah hah! Eyah Eyah Eyah ... hay hay
Ishmum: Ok, let's just live and let live - okey? Man!
Everyone: Yea hia hia - ha ha hah - ho ho - oh keyh hoh...

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