Monday, June 8, 2015

Anglophiles 2014-15 Concludes - New Season Begins

It is now being almost three months that we have concluded our closing meetings. We had a moderately successful. While most of the team, approximately 20, got admission in a college, three or four did not get any placement. It is to remind this remaining handful that the remaining 3 students who did not get admission last season, came back furiously this as year as they got very good admissions.

This is also to admit that 2014-15, in spite of whatever prediction I had made earlier, registered very high level of achievement in terms of completing reading assignments. This means that you have read more things in Volume and Diversity than previous few years. This may not be true individually, but the team worked better than predicted. Thank you very much. To keep you company I will be posting a few reading suggestions - as many of you have already asked me to do so - in the forthcoming posts.

I wanted to take a break this year from teaching - but unfortunately, this is not happening right now. So, I will be taking fresh recruits from 20th June onwards. I will also post a longer ESSAY about the "deshi" eating day we had last week - please keep an eye for it.

The OWL thinks of Angels Of Eternity.

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