Logophiles School of Critical Thinking - First Meeting Yesterday

Image result for Happy new yearI had an informal session yesterday with Rafi, Prachy, and Ifrat (he is new with us). I also talked to Silmee, who will join us from 22nd June onwards. In addition to that I just had a first session with an MA English Lit (BRAC Univ) today. Tomorrow I meet Samirah to talk about our possible schedules before she leaves for Swaziland to attend her first IB year. I am currently thinking how to schedule my classes the Ramadan Classes - any suggestions will be most welcome. 

I am yet to decide which methodology we follow this year. Last year I took only 6 or 7 lecture classes - in contrast with about 25 or 30 classes in the previous year. I am under the impression that I have to take more lectures than I did in the just-concluded year.

The students are kindly requested to send me any suggestion they feel we should be doing regarding the US College Application and SAT preparation. Send your suggestions through an e-mail. I also asked a few of you to inform whether you would be ready to meet me on 20th June, Saturday for the first Orientation Day for the current attendees.


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