Saturday, June 27, 2015

Our Works This Morning

We started off with a discussion on Research Paper - only some primary thoughts. My intention was to acquaint the students with the prospect of 'thinking' about a research paper. We used the options in Amherst College. I also discussed a few more Document/Papers needed for application to US Colleges.

Samirah was supposed to give her presentation on "Postcolonilism" - but somehow she couldn't he here. Wasifur already informed that he wont be here - as he has his practical exams today. Bushra would not be here as she has an exam. I briefly introduced the name of Edward Said and Orientalism. Explained the link between Marx-Freud-Darwin trinity. We read just a couple of sentences from Freud's idea of Dream having the Royal road to the deeper self.

Talked about a few vocabulary. In the last class we talked about the 7 types of Questions that may be set in the Critical Reading Sections - so there was a Re-cap on this item.Since not many were present today - we are having a class tomorrow 8.00 am - there will be 2 more classes in the weekdays.

We also decided to watch Death of Salvador Dali - a short film of about 18 min length. Find the link below:
Death of Dali

At the end the students were required to respond to the following:

Write a mail on the following:
1.      What is your PLAN regarding application – about a Research Paper in particular.
2.      Your Major [including a possibility of Minor]
3.      Whether you are sending any portfolio – Art, Music, Dance, Creative Writing, Theatre.

I will discuss a few topics from Below when we meet tomorrow at 8.00 am

Tiananmen Squire
Battle of Austerlitz [During Napoleonic War]
Stalinist Period – Animal Farm
Cultural Revolution
Punic War / Peloponnesian War
Golden Age of Athens
The Tennis Court Oath
Freud and the Interpretation of Dreams [Oedipus/Electra Complex] – Lacanian School
The Communist Manifesto
The Golden Age of Diplomacy

I also asked everyone to get some rudimentary knowledge on the following items:
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Film 2008 - Easy Virtue [with Colin Firth]
In our discussions we shall shed lights on the ideas of Victorianism, their judgmental attitude towards who would not FIT into their stereotyping - an idea that was prompted by an essay option in Amherst Colle Supplementary Essay topic.   

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