Monday, June 22, 2015

Our works Today

We started off today with a casual discussion about how/Why an appreciation for music would be important for a thinking person. We later developed our ideas and talked of Vikram Seth's "An Equal Music", a few quotes from Shakespeare, and Shylock. A long conversation on Multi-disciplinary thinking ensued. Additionally, we talked of:

  1. Moby Dick
  2. How to Write about Africa - the Granta Article
  3. Pankaj Mistra Interview in Granta
  4. We also made references to 2 more essays linked with the Africa Article in Granta - How to become a Man of Genius, and A Modest Proposal.
  5. I just mentioned the English translation of This is Not a Pipe.
  6. We also referred to the BLOG post on 29 August, 2014 - which contains links to Critical Philosophy of Technology.

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Rafiul Azam, Tahsin Azad and Siam Ashraful took a full day that started with Byron and his poems. We read Byron, a little of Lorca as well....