Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Report From Bushra - On her recent readings - Good Efforts

I have started on Sophie's World.

I think the book raises some very fundamental questions for example, what a human being is or how the world came into being. The author says how we stop thinking about these things as we grow up and have grown used to everything. The course of philosophy given to Sophie starts with Nordic and Greek Mythology. It has been stated how the various phenomena in life were tried to be explained by using mythology. The explanations of mythology got rejected as philosophers like Thales and Xenophanes came. The earliest works of science have been discussed and how different philosophers contradicted each other’s' conclusions. The most sought after answer during the times of the very first philosophers was what things are made of and one thing can change into another. One philosopher, Paramindes was dependent on his logic only while another named Heraclitus depended on his senses as well. Then came Empedocles who stated the basic elements, which make up all things are air, earth, fire and water. Then began the study of astronomy started by Anaxagoras. He was the one to discover moon has no light of its own.

Sir, I am also reading Death of A Salesman. It tells us the story of Willy and his family. As Willy is growing old, he now has meager income. He is also very frustrated and depressed by this situation. It can be understood that he is not mentally well as he often talks to himself. Willy is also disappointed that his older son, Biff is not doing so well in life. He had huge expectations from Biff, who was well-liked by everybody. He is upset that Biff is looking after cattle in a farm. Whenever Biff comes home, there is rift between his father and him. [Mamun's note: THe play is a strong denunciation of Capitalist System that deems a man useless when he can no longer bring huge profits to the Company.]

Sir, today I will send you the report on The House of Mirth later. 

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