Everyone who are now Working For SAT, College Admission, and IB

This is to request everyone to send me Reading Report of the items that were given previously. I mention the following names to make sure that you respond accordingly.

Wasifur = Missed a few classes but you are supposed to send me reports.
Samirah = Have not received any report from the assignments. You will again be required to present a talk based on Post-colonialism - this time with KEY reference books. You can even think of a PP. Others will present different titles.
Bushra = I was waiting to get some good reports - but vainly have I waited - where are those?

Susan = Have not reported so far - please go through the old POSTS to get and idea.
Raiyan = I am not expecting any report from you - you have already submitted a substantial amount of reports in the last few weeks. Until your circumstances improve, I can wait. 
Ifrat = I was truly hoping that you would send a report by today. Where is it?
Marisa = I thought that you are preparing a good number of profiles for me. But, they are yet to arrive.


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