First SAT Mock Session - Why Major Issue

We are all having our first SAT Mock today. We started at 8.30 am and shall continue till around 12. We are working on TEST 5 from the Official SAT Book. Susan, Marisa, and Samirah are requested to work on this self-timed test at home.

For the "Why Major", I am yet to receive any substantial work from any one of you. As you must understand, that writing the "Why Major" is the single-most important work need to be done before you turn to other writings for the ED Application. From 24th July onwards I intend to start working with everyone individually on this very important aspect of your application. In the meantime you are required to keep yourself informed about the latest research developments in your chosen fields.

I will sit with Azima, Bushra and Ifrat on the 24th (Friday) for a sitting on Why Major. Wasifur will sit with me on the 28th. Susan and Marisa should inform me when you want to sit with me regarding the Why Major issue.


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