Puja returns with Double-Majors in Biological Engineering and Biochemistry

Puja Banerjee returns this June will all the credentials of a FULL-fledged expert. This is the thing she has sent me regarding the Senior Design (received the 1st Prize) she has done.

"As my senior design, my team and I designed a waste reducing plant for the production of Salsa. The project not only helps minimize waste but also acts as an educational project for the students in the engineering field which is sustainable in one hand on the other hand help minimize environmental and energy impact. The project-design incorporates engineering and scientific principles to develop a business plan that considers ethical, global, and economic aspects. The product has a favourable market as well as positive sensory test indicating that Boilermaker Salsa should do commercially well. If invested, Boilmaker Salsa will help educate students and additionall provide ample marketing opportunity for Purdue University." 

She will be in LOGOPHILES in the last week of July to give us a talk on her experiences. Here is the link to her Project Website. - Boilermaker Salsa


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