Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Class Tomorrow at 8.30

But, some of you may not make it by 8.30 am - but please try to make it by 8.45 am.

By the way, I just cam across following extraordinary comment in the YOUTUBE comment page under the Film - The Moth. Anyone interested to to watch and talk about the film?

"The Edwardian era stands out as a time of peace and plenty. There were no severe depressions, and prosperity was widespread. Britain's growth rate, manufacturing output, and GDP fell behind its rivals, the United States and Germany. The nation still led the world in trade, finance and shipping, and had strong bases in manufacturing and mining.[2] The industrial sector was slow to adjust to global changes, and there was a striking preference for leisure over entrepreneurship among the elite. However, London was the financial centre of the world—far more efficient and wide-ranging than New York, Paris or Berlin."

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