Monday, August 31, 2015

Raisa's mail on = Why Major - Research Paper - MIT Portal

Dear Sir, 

One thing that I have learnt from the application process last year is that the Why Major essay is one of the most important aspects of applying to colleges. It is absolutely crucial to subtly let the universities know what you're passionate about without actually SHOWING your passion. 

I remember that while writing my Why Major last year, I struggled a great deal in finding good research papers on Geology, which was my major of choice. I was digging through my bookmarks on my Browser today and found a link where you can get thousands of research papers from MIT archives just by searching with a key word. It helped me shape my Why Major essay, and also allowed me to learn a great deal about Geology - not only as a science but also its socio-economic impacts. 

Please find the link below and share it with your current students who may be struggling to find significant research papers on their subject of interest. This is also an excellent way to see how research papers are constructed - which is important knowledge we lacked at the beginning of our research paper-writing endeavors. 


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