Resuming SAT Classes

As you all know that I have gone through a knee surgery last week as a result of fall. I am fast recovering. However, we have already lost at least 4 working days. Therefore, I have decided that in the next ONE week I will take 2 classes in my house - since my left leg is fully plastered and I can not walk without assistance. My preferred time is 8.30 am on Wednesday and Friday. If any one of you can not come at that time - please pick your own time and meet me at home - I am always here. Be prepared to go through a  long lecture on Modernism and History. My Home address is as follows.

House No 4
Lake Circus

Take the ROAD opposite to Sausley's Shop (right beside Squire Hospital) on Panthapath. The road goes through the CONCORD tower. Go straight - NO right or left turn. Come till you are in front of Mostafa General Store. My house is just a few steps ahead. The house has a large compound full of trees - you can not miss it. It will be on your left. 


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