Today I Worked with Afrida and Saadman - Works for Tomorrow

Image result for statement of purposeToday I started working with Afrida and Saadman - after a long gap of about 12 days. Afrida had been assigned with writing a very long Personal Statement - the guideline has been given during our meeting. However, when we finalize the Personal Statement, we shall make it fully comply with Stanford University Statement of Purpose guideline.

Saadman had been assigned with a number of tasks which includes selecting at least 3 research papers recently published on Finance and Portfolio Management. He would also be working on a much more detailed Statement of Purpose. He is also expected to submit at least ONE research proposal within the next one week.

As I am preparing to meet the Undergraduate Applicants tomorrow, I expect all of you to come up with more specific Major Choice guided by a concept of possible research.


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