Pukarta Chala Hun Main - Culture and Hybridity

  1. How would you define Cultural Hybridity?
  2. In what way cultural iconography reassess, redefines, reproduces, relocates, recuperates and resembles "Source Material?"
  3. How does reminiscence, geographical location, perspective, prejudice, distance etc influence the interpretation, incorporation, replication of cultural products (intellectual properties)?
  4. In what way cultural iconography influence economic activity (this question has been put in its head instead on its legs) put it in right order.
  5. Is Communication of our ideas possible by what we SAY and DO? Answer this question based on the way each singer/performer tried to RENDER the song in their OWN Imagined way. Keep in mind that Derrida believed that any attempt to find a Singular Truth is NOTHING but a self-blinding act.
  6. Of all the "Performances" - which one do you find telling a "Significant" Story? (Minimum 800 words)


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