Sunday, September 27, 2015

Look at the following List of Items from Writing Sections

This snapshot on the right contains the list of problems that are checked in the SAT Writing Section. This is a FULL list. There will be hardly any other problem in the Writing Section. Please also notice the Red-pen comment at the end that claims that 90% of your Answers have the possibility of being Correct if you can Identify the Subject.

I have used the note taken from Ifrat's.

Note the following items as well:
  1. Modifiers are two types: Misplaced & Dangling
  2. Pronouns have 3 Types of Errors: (a) Pron Shift; (b) Pron Case; (c) Pron Ambiguity.
  3. Oh! We forgot to add Diction Error.
We are doing a FULL Mock Today - but instead of 2 mocks, we shall discuss the Errors that emerge in the end. 

Labib, Azima, and Mahir are absent today - so they are all instructed to take a careful look at the list. If possible, you should also take a Mock Test at home.

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