Our Dicussions Today

I am very glad to write here that we had a very good session today. To my expectation, everyone spoke of her own appreciation of the selected text. Abir, who just joined me this week - also spoke in length about Animal Farm. On our previous Friday meeting Maisha also gave us a short review of her readings of 3 Henry James Novels. I am under the impression that if we conduct 15 Mocks in the coming 30 days and review about 700 words IN CLASS, we shall be fully prepared for the coming SAT exam. The only other thing that remains to be taken care of is the ESSAY.

The following people shall present their Book Appreciations on a convenient day.

Labib = A Streetcar Named Desire
Ishtiaq = Oedipus (later I included "Picture of Dorian Gray")
Azima = Reading Lolita in Tehran
Arnab = (I have not assigned you any specific book - so please select any title to talk about in our next class)

Everyone is strongly requested to send their Why Major Essay by Tomorrow.


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