Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Words Covered in Class Today + Thursday MOCK

Image result for works works todayWe have covered a substantial number of words in the class between 9 am and 3 pm. Here is a rough estimate -
  1. 3 Page Word Group: 660 Words
  2. Words With Latin Roots: around 100
  3. Words from Arts and Other Disciplines: 100
  4. Word Quiz: 40 x 7 = 300
  5. Additional Words at Random: 100
The TOTAL goes to around 1200 words. IN addition we worked on the Stanford University Report on Undergraduate Education, Possible Worlds (Intro to Logic & Philosophy), a brief discussion of the nature of surrealist imagination. 

We had visible absences from Azima, Labib, and Ishtiaq. I am sure that they will have to cover these materials on their own in the next two days. Tomorrow we shall work according to following schedule:
  1. First 45 min - 45 Quiz in BLACK Book
  2. Cover some challenging Reading Materials and have Seminar-style meetings.
  3. Shed some more lights on Activity List of Common Application. 
On THURSDAY we will have a FULL MOCK starting from 8.30 am.

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