Sunday, September 20, 2015

Undergrad Education at Stanford - 130 Page Report

Dear Everyone,
I am sure that you are all wondering the huge amount of posts being uploaded today. I would want any one of you report this document in the next Tuesday Class. It was published in 2012 - therefore, it should be very recent. One thing very interesting about this REPORT is that it places an extraordinary amount of emphasis on (1) Written and Oral Communication, (2) Language Requirement, (3) Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing: Fostering Breadth (Pages 34-42). If yo look at the 3rd area of development, you MAY notice that in our class we are constantly working towards goals. 

Stanford Report 2012

Apart from the above - here is another essay on Books, Reading, and Undergrad Education.

Books - Reading - Undergrad Education

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