Monday, September 21, 2015

URGENT Notice - Tomorrow's Class Content

We shall start the class at 8.00 am and continue till lunch time. I will cover 1200 words tomorrow and write a 2 Issue Based essays. We shall also work on a LARGE number of reading items. You are all requested to access the BLOG items of the last one week.

This is also to request Abir to access the following 2 essays. The first one is by George Orwell and the second one is by Shaheera Jafar. Both essays address the issue already handled by the essay with the title "Snobbishness of the Learned". Ishtiaq, Labib, Rayan, and Bushra are also requested to Read and Report the following 2 essays.

Orwell Essay - Politics of English Language
Same Title as ABOVE - but different approach

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