Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

FIRST Reminder: We are having TWO mocks tomorrow (8.30 am - 3.00 pm).

Today I had sittings with Azima and Zayeed. We figured out the details of the ISFAA and related materials. We also discussed some of the things related to (1) Research Paper, (2) Additional Information, (3) ECA Activities, and 2 important ingredients of a top-quality Application Essay. I think it would be pertinent to recount the two important elements of the essay. 
  1. That the essay must have a high-level awareness of language being used. This is often achieved through a variety of Sentence Structures.
  2. That the Essay should begin with a Multiple Strands of Thoughts and when the Essay draws towards a close - it should be able to UNIFY these disparate elements into ONE whole. 
This is also to confirm that WEDNESDAY morning I will sit with Susan regarding application materials. I would also like to have another student join the session that starts from 9.00 am. I also had a sitting with Abir yesterday morning - he is expected to develop 2 Research Themes simultaneously. The materials has already been discussed and linkages delivered.  


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