Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Glimpse of LIFE Here - HERE - Well, Here indeed

7:33 AM
Hello Sir,

How have you been? I'm sorry it took me so long to be in touch, but please hear me out. So it's been a couple of months here, and I can't remember a time when my family and I actually had a peaceful moment: renting a place to stay in New York and buying a car, working with banks and insurance. Apparently they have insurance for EVERYTHING. 
Life is impossible here without a job, so I took up a job in Dunkin Donuts shortly after I landed. It wasn't so bad, since I daily got free coffee and donuts. I spent my savings mostly exploring New York and buying art supplies, also stocking up on warm clothes for winter. Here, Istiak, Adib, Ishmam and I had a mini Anglophiles hangout, and I had a couple more with Ishmam. Honestly, it is all fun and games as long as we have fat wallets. I recently quit Dunkin and applied as a hostess in an exquisite hotel near Times Square. If I get the job, I might as well pay you a visit before college starts. So yes, they pay a decent amount of money, including tips. Not to mention its a French restaurant. Which explains why I'm so excited about all the food and wine. 
Also, I made around 70USD as an artist in New York, so being unemployed is not so bad right now. 

You won't believe where I went a couple of weeks ago. I visited Mount Holyoke College! The campus is absolutely beautiful in fall, and I didn't like the idea of waiting a whole year for that. I stayed with Raidah and she was the best host ever. It was a fun weekend, getting my way around the campus and visiting Smith and Hampshire colleges. I almost met Topojit, I mean I saw him but he went away before I could catch up. However, I recently got a mail from Mount Holyoke. They reviewed my FAFSA and I received a couple of grants so I'll be paying $11,300 including everything. I think it's a pretty good deal, considering how we planned on $12,000

Enough about me now. I heard about your accident, I hope you're doing well now. I'm sorry sir I had to leave so early. We were supposed to meet again but I got to know about my flight just four days before the departure. I had to wrap my life in Dhanmondi within these four days and help shift my father to Bashundhara. I don't know when I'll be back, at least not within the next two to three years. I miss everything about Dhaka. Sadly, nobody realizes this once you're out of there. I think now its safe to tell you our Anglophiles saying, "USA jaite parle toh life set!" I suppose you can tell the heavy sarcasm with a hint of desperation. 
Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon sir. If it makes you feel any better, not a single day passes without my mother saying, "Sir akbare size kore dise toder." Considering how we're not only prepared for college here, we're prepared for life anywhere. 


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