Financial Papers

Documents the Colleges / Universities require
First 4 mandatory,
Last 2 optional
1.      ISFAA is the Paper Version of CSS Profile. If you fill this up then CSS profile is easy to finalize.
2.      CSS Profile – needs to be filled up online.
3.      There is a FEE for CSS Profile. But you can ask the colleges to send you a CODE – so that you can use CSS Profile as FREE.
4.      Tax Paper from Bangladesh – try to use English Form – otherwise get the Bengali Form Translated.
5.      Bank Statement / Deposit Statement from Post Office / mÂqcÎ   
The following items are NOT mandatory but you SHOULD keep it prepared – so that when needed, you may send.
1.      Employer Statement / Salary Statement[most of the colleges do NOT need it]
2.      Notary Affidavit [most of the colleges do NOT need it – but it is a good idea to send].
3.      Collect the SAMPLE from me.

Additional Item
1.      Certificate of Finance [published by College Board] – All college/uni will require it.
2.      This FORM requires a Seal and Signature from BANK.
3.      If the BANK does NOT agree, then you will write FIND Attached on the space.


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