Literature Class Tomorrow

I will take a SAT-II Literature Class tomorrow morning from 9 to 12. I will also work with individual students from 2 pm till 6 pm. Those who are yet to submit Recommendations are advised to do so as early as possible. The two days I could not meet a few of you for different reasons. From tomorrow we resume our regular works.

SAT-I and SAT - II Mock on Monday Morning. Test begins at 8.30 am and continues till 12.00. For SAT-II please make sure that you bring your own books and calculators. Saadman shall join me for SOP from 9.00 am onwards - we intend to work till 6 pm. Aniqa shall join me at 3 pm to work till 6.00 pm. I will fix the time for Afrida and Maisha later on.


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