Our Work Tomorrow

I want to sit with the following people tomorrow. We start at 8.30 am. Wasif will report a little earlier.
  1. Wasif [already informed]
  2. Manjurul [informed]
  3. Ifrat [informed]
  4. Bushra [informed]
  5. Abir [will work for an hour with me]
  6. Zayed [shall work with me for about an hour]
  7. Tanfin [will work with me for an hour]
Tomorrow (Thursday) Following people are requested to work from HOME.
  1. Azima - Unable to attend (shall join on Saturday)
  2. Suzan - Huge works assigned
  3. Maisha - Huge works assigned
  4. Afrida - Huge works assigned
Friday Class (8.00 am - 12.00 am) Will  be Attended by the following: 
  1. Ishtiaq - Will work on SAT
  2. Labib - Will work on SAT
  3. Manjurul - Will work on SAT
  4. Mahir - Will work on SAT
  5. Aniqa - Will work on Essays and GRE
  6. Afrida - Will work on Application 


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