SAT Preparation + Sunday Works

We are approaching towards the time when we will have no other things to work on except for our application works. You are requested to prepare in the following manner:
  1. Review SAT II from Princeton + Sparknotes Online (Tonight and Whole day tomorrow)
  2. Give at least ONE test for each Subject.
  3. You are also requested NOT to work on anything after 6 pm tomorrow Friday.
  4. SAT-I candidates shall go through Vocabulary and Critical Reading Passages tonight and May give a Full Test tomorrow morning. NOT in the evening.
  5. I would appreciate if you send me a mail reviewing your own performance. 
  6. We ALL meet on SUNDAY morning for next works. 
  7. Absences are strictly PROHIBITED from Sunday onwards - unless I send someone on specific assignments. 
  8. It is expected that ALL of you will do well - as you have done well in your previous SAT - I exam.


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