Christmas Day Works

I would like all of you work from home. I will update this post in the next 30 min to assign works and to inquire your work-progress.
  1. Everyone should send me an email right now - giving me a list of works pending. 
  2. Make sure that you send me a SUBSTANTIAL version of your Add Info Essay. 
  3. I am yet to look into the Activity List of many of yours. 
  4. Inform me how many of you are yet to submit a Resume.
  5. Wasifur - must send me the first draft of the Add Info by today.
  6. Ifrat MUST send me an CA Essay + the Add Info
  7. Zayed is supposed to update me on getting a letter of introduction from his Debate Coach.
  8. Maisha should complete the essay on Russell as a Fellow Student etc.
  9. Bushra will send me an updated Add Info
  10. Fahim and Tauraj shall start work on a VERY Detailed essay of Why Major essay - based on their intended major. This should take a huge time for researching - also include in your essay Why Schulich. 


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