Saturday, July 30, 2016

Today's assignments are listed below.

Jidit (Grad School Prep): 9 points works assigned - includes writing a research proposal.
Sourov (lang & lit preparation): We are gradually on the brink of finishing B. Friel's play Translation. Given a 6-page document on the play and asked to write a review of a Flash Fiction book. Will submit the work on Monday.
Bakhtiyar (A lev Lit and Undergrad College Application): Poetry answer on a poem by Stephen Spender. Wrote an answer on Othello. Both were refused on account of their shortness.
Nibras (Undergrad College Application): Worked on a language and writing part of SAT. We discussed in detailed what constitutes the right stand on English Grammar. Assigned with ONLY reading of Sophie's World.
Alvi (Grad School Prep): Asked to re-consider the right ways of improving the reading skill. We finally assigned with the tow books by Amartya Sen - The Idea of Justice, and An Uncertain Glory.
Tasnim (Undergrad College Application): Worked on the FULL plan for the next academic year. Started Adiga's White Tiger.
Sushmita: Send me your work descriptions.
Anindita: Send work report.
Jarin: Send me a list of assigned works.
Tahsin: Update on Professor's Research Comments.

This is also to inform that on Friday 8th August - we will have a morning session (8.30 am) where Istiak H Khan (of Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana) will give a presentation on Internship. He is currently an intern at the Yunus Centre.

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