Thursday, December 1, 2016

Extremely URGENT Notice

urgent এর চিত্র ফলাফলWith extreme sadness I have to inform everyone that as we are entering our FINAL stage of application session, parents are HUNTING me down for explanation for the students' performance, their behavior, and their activities. Therefore, I have decided I will hold a 2 hour long meeting with the parents on the 9th December, 2016 to respond to their questions. 

It is also expected that both the students and myself should be left to our work and I should not be approached by parents on a regular basis to repeat the same QUESTIONS over and over again. 

I hope this post will be taken very seriously and I should NOT be approached by parents over PHONE to inform about their child's progress. They are kindly requested to refrain from any communication with me until our meeting on the 9th of December.

This is also to note that the following students will not be allowed to leave class without submitting substantial work during the days of 4th-16th December. They are requested to inform their parents, teachers, friends and everyone concerned that their presence in Applications Sessions will be required from 9 am - 5 pm Every Day from 4th-16th December.


Apart from that - everyone is expected to carry their own small-lunch and water to the class. It is also EVERYONE's DUTY to make sure that their respective parents remain satisfied with their performance regarding the Applications. 

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