Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Alumni Visit on Friday

We will be expecting Syud Momtaz Ahmed this Friday at 9.30 am. He did his undergraduate from Wabash and ended with a PhD in Chemistry from Cornell. Before you come do grab a Question or two on any issues related to (1) Challenges of US Education, (2) Aftermath of Undergraduate Program, (3) Where are you heading towards with Education+Job+Personal Discipline. His professional profile is available with Linkedin. (Here is the Link - Syud Momtaz). In his profile he is described as "Technical leader and project manager focused on the development of new technologies and products related to the Commercial Solutions Division, with a specific focus on film and coating technologies."

To help yourself more about a different aspect of Momtaz, read through an Article Published in the Daily Star on Momtaz. Here is 2015 The Daily Star article link. Science and Percussions

Everyone is expected to attend. 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Additional Information - Method & Content

  • We had been submitting Add Info along with CA for the past 7 years.
  • It is NOT mandatory, but we take this opportunity to SHOWCASE our thoughts which CANNOT be done within the defines of an Essay.
  • Contents can really be anything - but, here are some suggestions
      • Your READING
      • Your ambition
      • Your interests apart from your chosen MAJOR
      • Your social life
      • Your Political opinions
      • Your ideas of what it means to be alive (!)
  • We are always running SHORT of space in this part - so, most of the time our essay is always 649-650 words. 
  • Be CASUAL + Scholastic in your language. Make the shifts look VISIBLE.
  • Use your Reading List and Resume - to give you clues about what to write. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Your preparation for Saturday Exam

I believe that the best preparation for tomorrow will be to read a couple of chapters from Global Politics book. My favourite chapter is 5 and 17. And thoughts on any additional chapter will be welcome - please add comments on the comment section Below. The book is available online. 

Rameesa’s revisit to Logophiles: After a semester at Lawrence University

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