Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Theatre Production by Prachyanat School of Acting and Design

The experience MAY Be integrated into your Additional Info, Resume, or Activity after you send your applications. I understand that most of you probably did not experience a professional theatre performance on professional stage. This would also introduce you to a very significant part of cultural life. You can bring in as many as 5 friends/family-members. The auditorium has a 500 seat capacity so this wont be a problem. Admission is FREE but ask for invitation card (the image is on right-hand side) within 10th January. The image on your left is from "Laljatra", a theatrical procession carried out by the students of Prachyanat School of Acting and Design. Click to see the enlarged image.

What Next - After the 1st Bout of Applications Sent

  1. Submit Additional Info - I will not work on the supplements unless this is done first.
  2. Prepare the Supplements - this time standard of Supps will be more demanding. 
  3. Must start working on General Research Paper. (I suspect NONE has started it yet.)
  4. Sending a General Research Paper AND a Technical Research Paper will be crucial in securing an Admission and Financial Aid. 
  5. Anyone failing to submit PLAN for 2 Research Papers will be Prevented from attending class from 6th January Onwards. Rufiyat's example should be kept in mind. 
  6. Financial Aid Papers Review - I will start from 9th January onwards. 

Monday, 1 January 2018

Application Day Works

  1. Give a FULL review of your CA
  2. Make sure that your Activity List is Compatible with your Resume
  3. If you have to send your resume with any of the Application - let me know through the Paper NOTE.
  4. Additional Info - I will turn to after I finalize ALL essays.
  5. I would prefer Not to talk at all. 
  6. Today we shall use Messenger very Restrictively.

Modern Physics Textbook

Modern Physics 5th Ed  - this link provides the book. The following is a summery-review of the book. Needs Editing. A Review of Mod...