Friday, August 11, 2017

Logophiles Seminar on USA College Application Briefing Session

This is actually our FIRST post for 2017. A lot of things happened in the meantime. We have some very good news in terms of admission and a few stories that could really inspire future Logophilites. Today we have Mayisha Rahman (she is originally from Sunbeams) who is going to Bryn Mawr. She had a very exiting talk with the students present here today. She principally talked about applying abroad, learning about application process, choosing the right kind of college, even a few words about location of a particular college. Mayisha particularly talked about the importance of amassing an extraordinary amount of information, writing about strange materials that need to be mastered for preparing a very informed and intelligent pack of essays.

I insisted on talking about writing a very solid "Why Major". Mayisha talked about how to handle the pressures of so many dimensions - pressures from school, from tutors, from overenthusiastic parents, from relatives who have successful students studying abroad, from relatives who lie about their successes of their children etc. 

We definitely talked about SAT and SAT Subject Tests. Interestingly, Mayisha also talked about the overall cost of application. She shed some lights on CSS Profile and ISFAA fill-up.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Guest Today

Image may contain: 1 person
Humaira Anjumi, who graduated from Mount Holyoke College, was with us today morning for a micro meeting with Tahsin, Arif, Mayisha, and Jarin. She mentioned one very important thing - that this year Colleges are "urging" students to send them applicants as they fear that this year they might not find good number of applications. Humaira is currently employed as a Software Engineer, which is later used by Financial Analysts among others. 'A corporate job', she shyly admits. Responding to a question from Arif, Humaira said that Computer Science department in MHC started small but now it is one of the fastest growing department with further plans for separate AI/NLP program. There some more info, which I will not include here - info that will be helpful for applicants. Ask me in person. Arif was very eager to apply, but Humaira had to regret that MHC is an all-women college and hence, it would not be possible for him to apply. I am using Humaira's photo-shot, which in my eyes, perfectly represents her gorgeous and wonderful personality. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Morning "Interview" with Mushfique - from Qualcomm

Mushfique did his undergraduate from National Univ of Singapore and completed his masters with a Thesis from University of Wisconsin. He met our students today in a one-and-a-half hour session. Mushfique did his undergraduate from National University of Singapore and completed his masters with a THESIS titled “Data Compression for Thermal Mitigation in the Hybrid Memory Cube” [Link to his Thesis: CLICK] from University of Wisconsin, Maddison. He met our students today in a one-and-a-half hour session. He currently works at Qualcomm, testing out CPU architecture.

His academic life has been quite turbulent in nature. He first applied and studied at Singapore National University, from which he acquired a first degree in electrical engineering – even though he recognized in the process that computer science was a far interesting area than what he was pursuing. Due to NUS’s restrictions on switching majors, he was stuck with his original choice and forged ahead to pursue it to its fullest. After graduation he got a couple of offers from banking and IT sectors in Singapore, which he accepted willy-nilly. Ironically, when he had to return to Bangladesh due to an administrative glitch, he spent a few weeks in a dejected state.

Mushfique quickly settled for applying to USA for a Master’s degree, which he eventually received from University of Wisconsin, Maddison. He went on to pursue his interests at Qualcomm, where he acquired a job testing out ARM CPUs for production. 

Mushfique had a very lively interaction with the class and addressed a large number of issues that ranged from (1) where to study, (2) which major to pursue, (3) comparative advantage of Comp Engg and Comp Science and Electrcl Engg, (4) the perks of working in a giant company who is also a world-leader in technology, (5) the downside of working in such companies, (6) the importance of managing stress, (7) the fact that working life is full of huge workload which does not get reduced even when you are on leave, (8) the need for doing internships during summers for the students who return to the country from abroad, (9) the need for socializing in an semi-official context, (10) and women in engineering. 

From his experience Mushfique has seen that women in engineering are encouraged all over the world, and there is a high demand to rectify the “mandiego” syndrome, a situation where there are too many men around. He emphasized the riskiness of administration fields such as middle managers, since they are the first to get the axe. He outlined Qualcomm’s strategy for the next fiscal year – an 'Internet of Things' – that helps people to be technologically connected, and all their devices acquire smart capability.

Mushfique laments the lack of opportunity for graduates in Bangladesh, emphasizing the lack of opportunity in the country that forces talented people to migrate elsewhere in search for better opportunity. He also emphasized the need to work in undergraduate research program with professors or take part in internships, since it distinguishes your academic career from the thousands of other STEM graduates every year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

EXTREMELY URGENT - Writing Supplements

FAST  WRITING এর চিত্র ফলাফলEveryone should attempt to submit at least 5-8 supplements today. The QUALITY of writing is absolutely unimportant. The moment you see that you CAN NOT produce and essay in less than an HOUR - you are in trouble.
 FAST  WRITING এর চিত্র ফলাফল

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Extremely URGENT Notice

urgent এর চিত্র ফলাফলWith extreme sadness I have to inform everyone that as we are entering our FINAL stage of application session, parents are HUNTING me down for explanation for the students' performance, their behavior, and their activities. Therefore, I have decided I will hold a 2 hour long meeting with the parents on the 9th December, 2016 to respond to their questions. 

It is also expected that both the students and myself should be left to our work and I should not be approached by parents on a regular basis to repeat the same QUESTIONS over and over again. 

I hope this post will be taken very seriously and I should NOT be approached by parents over PHONE to inform about their child's progress. They are kindly requested to refrain from any communication with me until our meeting on the 9th of December.

This is also to note that the following students will not be allowed to leave class without submitting substantial work during the days of 4th-16th December. They are requested to inform their parents, teachers, friends and everyone concerned that their presence in Applications Sessions will be required from 9 am - 5 pm Every Day from 4th-16th December.


Apart from that - everyone is expected to carry their own small-lunch and water to the class. It is also EVERYONE's DUTY to make sure that their respective parents remain satisfied with their performance regarding the Applications. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Late Post about Passing a Day

I was planning to post this for the past 24 hours. I thought of things I would add and I thought of things I will keep 'beneath' and so the post will speak with an element of ambiguity. I will start by saying what I have been reading in the past 30 hours. I put these here - the row of keys indicate the ambiance in which I have been working. I often keep Wuthering Heights to remind me of a place where no soul will live in absolute soulless-ness. Every character will speak with a mind of their own. I envied them. Only yesterday, when watching a video interview of Tarkovsky, I saw a quote superimposed on the screen - that the young people of today (probably 1950s) should spend more time alone. By alone he must have meant - finding a time away from the din of a thoughtless life and dedicate some time for self-questioning and introspection. 

সম্পর্কিত চিত্রThis advice made me remember how a young man named Onegin (the fictional character of Pushkin's verse-novel Yugene Onegin - উচ্চারণ হবে "ইয়েভগিনি ওনিয়াগিন") spent a time away from St. Petersburg in a provincial town and how he was bored to a kind of "heartlessness" - a fate that bounced back to him in the end. I also came upon a film version (thankfully, a UK production) of this novel - a marvelous portrayal of a man bored by materialism of Petersburg-aristocracy and then who falls victims to his own sense of superiority amidst provincial elites. 

I also have been trying to read two Bengali books - an autobiography of N C Choudhury at Oxford, and a collection of short stories about the love-tales from Sanskrit literature. I also got hold of "The Substance and the Shadow" - a magnificent autobiography of Dilip Kumar. But the star of the last 30 hour selection is "The Mirror of Beauty" by the great Urdu writer Shamsur Rahman Faruqi. 

I had been working, writing, and day-undreaming when a beautiful mail came from one of our alumni. I wish I could upload the whole writing - but there are some profoundly personal messages for me - which I want to keep to myself. But I intend to read part of this letter - because this mail has uplifted my spirit in a moment when I was feeling very skeptical about our COMPOSITE performance in the Application matters. 

Do, return to the BLOG as I intend to add more thoughts on how I plan to keep working on the Applications.  

Saturday, October 29, 2016

MAIL from Smith - Few Important Matters

Hi Sir,
I hope you’re doing well. I am sure you’re having a good time with your new batch as the ED deadlines approach soon.

Smith college এর চিত্র ফলাফলI’m very sorry I couldn’t write to you earlier. Whatever time I have after classes, work and extra-curricular activities, I spend it doing homework. I am in an advanced introductory Chemistry course, an accelerated beginner’s French course, an intermediate-level math course and a writing intensive course. Although my chemistry course is introductory, it is for students who have prior background in the subject. Almost the entirety of the syllabus is quantum mechanics so this is a course I have to put a lot of effort into it.  You had advised me to use A-level credit to skip the intro courses but upper class people who have used AP/ A-level credits have advised me against using it for Chemistry but I am using it for Biology and Mathematics. It is possible to graduate in 3.5 years because lab science courses have 5 credits so you end up with around 18-19 credits per semester and one needs 16 credits per semester to graduate in 4 years. I also am taking a 200 level Math course, which is Calculus III. For this course, we are looking at problems which have 4 variables and plotting curves with 3 variables in two dimensions.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I regret not finishing a research paper. Almost everyone I have met here has finished a 15-20 pages long research paper as it was a requirement to graduate from their high schools. It does not matter if you’re a STEM major or a social science/humanities major, you’ll have to write equal amounts. For my chemistry lab, I have to write a 6-7 page long lab report for every project. For my Writing Intensive course, I will have written about 40-50 pages by the end of the semester. My Writing Intensive Course is reading intensive as well and the amount of reading I had done in your class was beneficial to me for handling the reading load here. Also, I learnt how to work on several assignments at the same time while working with you. That proved to be a very important skill here.

চিত্র ফলাফলI applied to be an early student researcher and I got selected. Two first-years will be working on the project. The project is under the BioMath department and I will mostly be working in a Spatial Analysis Lab. I will be analyzing demographic changes in mangrove vegetation in Belize. I am very impressed by the amount of research going on at Smith given how small it is. Even if all students cannot get into research in their 1st year, almost everyone can do research as a sophomore.

I ran for the Senate of Student Government Association and got elected as a representative of my area in the campus. I will be attending the Seven Sister’s conference in Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania on 12th November. I also gave a presentation to the Board of Trustees during their campus visit a few days ago. Students asked for more financial aid from them and I was part of the international student group, which asked for more financial aid for international students. I am also part of the Student Government Curriculum Committee.

Smith college এর চিত্র ফলাফল
Speaking of financial aid, I have found no truth to the statement that Smith is reluctant to give financial aid to international students. I have met many students from different parts of the world who are on a financial aid package similar to mine and I have also met some people, who are not paying anything at all.

Sir, you should encourage every female student of your class to apply to Smith. While academics at Smith is challenging, the academic environment is very supportive. I have never before lived in an environment, which focused so much on health and wellness. Please give my e-mail id to any student who wishes to apply to Smith.

Take care of yourself. Good luck with the applications for Fall’17. I really hope someone from this year’s batch gets into Smith. Hopefully I will see you in summer. I will check in from time to time until then.

Best regards,


Thursday, October 27, 2016

POETRY DAY - SAT II Mocks Should NOT be forgotten

Please work on SAT -II Mocks.

It's a great day as well. So, I just assigned Tahsin with poetry reading from the following sources.

  1. Metaphysical Poetry [John Donne, Herbert, Andrew Marvell] Use poetryfoundation site. 
  2. Emily Dickinson 
  3. Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Her verse novel Aurora Leigh]
  4. Elizabeth Bishop [Everything she wrote glitters with wit and passion]. 

elizabeth bishop poet এর চিত্র ফলাফল emily dickinson এর চিত্র ফলাফল eleza berrett browning এর চিত্র ফলাফল john donne এর চিত্র ফলাফল

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Working Report I loved reading

my antonia এর চিত্র ফলাফল
Here is a working report that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Please note that the writer's excitement is quite visible in the report. Let me add that she has spent an entire TWO hours on the road to reach our class. I am very much impressed by the fact that Basma has NOT let the stress become overbearing. Well, here is the report. [I have decorated this particular post with a picture of Antonia looking into the distance as she is ensconced in tufts of grass.] 

As you have signed, I am currently reading "My Antonia" and "The Great Gatsby" simultaneously. I am on the 7th Chapter of My Antonia and I am really enjoying it. It gives a vivid picture of the lifestyle in the prairies of Nebraska. It is exciting to experience Jim and Antonia's friendship as it keeps blossoming even through their language and cultural barriers. As for "The Great Gatsby",I have just started reading it. The context seems a slightly more advanced but I am liking it so far!

After coming back from class, I was eager to watch "A street-car named Desire". So I did! It was my first ever black and white movie and I absolutely loved it.  The complexity of Blanche's character intrigued me. The flamboyancy of the characters made it very enjoyable to watch. 


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Three Versions - Three Determinants

art and women এর চিত্র ফলাফলThe three of them were asked to take a sojourn around the near-most art gallery in Dhanmondi. They came back with images, discovery, and metaphors.  


The art gallery we visited today is “Shilpangon”.  The first paintings that I saw today comprised of scenarios from mountainous regions till rural Bangladesh. One painting that caught my eye in particular was that of a river. The reflection of the pink twilight sky on the shimmering water is what had attracted my attention. Paintings of the sunset sky were common and did not stand out as much as the river painting that I mentioned. Next, I saw somewhat abstract paintings. Amorphous shapes and strokes resembled the facial structure of people. What stood out for me was a long faced shape of a man/woman with the neck resembling that of a giraffe’s. It was a black and white sketch and looked like a well-pictured cartoon character. What I saw next was the memorable segment of today’s outing: different forms of the human body were intricately portrayed across small canvases. The object, presumably a woman was seen to position herself in a variety of forms. Each painting was done on a black background, with the woman being painted in white. Shades of blue were present here and there. 
Overall, this being my second art exhibition to visit, I was quite impressed by the painter’s work. I would have liked to see more variety in his scenery painting but the depiction of the woman in her different postures, probably made up for it. 

Shilpangon: Smell of Solitude  
art and women এর চিত্র ফলাফলThe place seemed quite spooky as first. It looked as if we were invading into a haunted house, the doors were open as if anyone could break and enter we thought- until we realized we were in the wrong floor and a watchman came to direct us to the studio. As he opened the lock it felt as if the smell of solitude and creativity hovered around me. The room that we first entered to was full of 26x15’’ paintings or bigger, the painter worked with reflections and different expressions of the sky, the scenic beauty almost all the time see to involve water sides and boats or mountains. One painting that caught my eyes was how few people were warming their bodies around a fire pit with mountains standing firm behind them and a few small pieces of loose rocks in the bottom of the cliffs. Another exception was however a night road, some colorful vehicles carrying passengers to their destinations. The next room was fool of faces- the expressions, forms and structures were made as if each face is telling a story of its own. The adjacent room had the colorful bodies portraying women’s beauty; each stroke shows a form of intimacy of the painter towards each of the figures. The last room was full of boats, standing as a bunch or stating singularity with pride through the sketches of pens or merely pencils. The painter used watercolor mostly and he has a unique technique to mean the reflections of the land on the water bodies- the distributed lines resting calmly in black-blue or violet shades.

An Art Exhibition
I went to see an Art exhibition this morning. 
art and women এর চিত্র ফলাফল

We come across this majestic looking party center that is still booked for weddings. As we enter the very left corner, I was confronted by art already before going inside the exhibition. We climb up the stairs and the man working tirelessly opens the door with his bundle of keys in hand. The moment we inside the room, I see a big colorful painting that captivates me the most throughout the most. It was depicted with many shades of blue; a dark brown simple boat in the middle of the ocean and closer to the sandy island, under the white shiny sky. Next I am met with a series of small, tiny frames telling me a story of life in the seas or oceans with simpler boats back in the day. The colour varies compared to the first as it was whiter and empty compared to the arising blue in the entrance. After the whiter and less dramatic paintings, I was surrounded with darkness by the paintings that were as remarkable as the first one. It showed the shadowed conflict of purple and black, with rocks and pebbles underneath. From the darkness, you can see three big mountains which grabs the attention of the painting itself.

Another painting which was breathtaking was a river with contrasting colour to go with the sunset in the picture. The sun was about to go down, and we see clear black water around trees and serendipity. The clear black water reminded me of the Ganges that has been destroyed by dirt and pollution. After the contrasting images of nature, I came across faces. These faces were usual like ours. They were crafted differently. Each had a way of expressing. One face was white and the background had a strange black to interpret what the face actually meant. One such took me by surprise was a face that looked as if it was a cage. The dark brutal colours on the face would scare you away if it were true. But to me, the intentions of the pictures reveal the darkness we try to hide under our majestic looking faces.

As we are almost about to wrap up our small amusing day out, the other section of the exhibition was the anatomy of the human body. These painting described the woman body and captured the moments of women that are simple yet blissful to look at. One such painting was the back of a bare women as a thin cloth is wrapped around her exposed body; she looks front at the darkness hoping for something to come and take her away.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

There Might be Typos in the Titles - Correct on your Own

1.       In the light of what we know
2.       Sea of poppies
3.       A streetcar named desire
4.       Moby Dick
5.       Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
6.       Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock
7.       Reading Lolita in Tehran
8.       The Stranger
9.       The Metamorphosis
10.   The Namesake
11.   Battle by Scrivener
12.   The Wings of the Dove
13.   Pride and Prejudice
14.   The Glass Menagerie
15.   Rape of the Lock
16.   Wuthering Heights
17.   The hour of the star
18.   Mac Flecknoe
19.   To kill a Mocking Bird
20.   The Lord of The Rings
21.   Jane Eyre
22.   Nineteen- Eighty- Four
23.   The Kite Runner
24.   A Thousand Splendid Suns
25.   The Great Gatsby
26.   Of Mice and Men
27.   The BFG
28.   His Dark Materials
29.   Harry Potter
30.   The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
31.   The Book Thief
32.   Great Expectations
33.   The Hobbit
34.   Wolf Hall
35.   Tess of d’Urbervilles
36.   The Crucible
37.   BirdSong
38.   How to be a Man of Genius
39.   Frankenstein
40.   Fingersmith
41.   Game of Thrones
42.   A delicate balance
43.   House of Mirth
44.   The Stand
45.   One hundred Years of Solitude
46.   The Mad Woman In The Attic
47.   Interpreter of Maladies
48.   War and Peace
49.   Gone with the wind
50.   The Lowland
51.   The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night time
52.   A Doll’s House
53.   The Awakening
54.   My Antonia
55.   Age of Innocence
56.   To the Lighthouse
57.   Brave New World
58.   Timepass