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Raisa's mail on = Why Major - Research Paper - MIT Portal

Dear Sir, 
One thing that I have learnt from the application process last year is that the Why Major essay is one of the most important aspects of applying to colleges. It is absolutely crucial to subtly let the universities know what you're passionate about without actually SHOWING your passion.
I remember that while writing my Why Major last year, I struggled a great deal in finding good research papers on Geology, which was my major of choice. I was digging through my bookmarks on my Browser today and found a link where you can get thousands of research papers from MIT archives just by searching with a key word. It helped me shape my Why Major essay, and also allowed me to learn a great deal about Geology - not only as a science but also its socio-economic impacts. 
Please find the link below and share it with your current students who may be struggling to find significant research papers on their subject of interest. This is also an excellent way to see how resea…

Indivisual BOOK Assignmennt for Tuesday

Ifrat - In The Light of What We Know
Susan - Sea of Poppies
Labib - A Streetcar Named Desire
Ishtiaq - Please remind me your Title through e-mail
Wasifur -  Moby Dick
Bushra -Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Zayed -Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Azima - Reading Lolita in Tehran

I do not recall some of the titles. Please inform through e-mails.

Viber Conference with Ahsanul from Sewanee University


Institute of Microfinance + An Article by Prof. Nazrul Islam

Susan and Zayeed are requested to take a brief look at Institute of Micro Finance and an article by Dr. Nazrul Islam, ex-Senior Economist at World Bank. We spend 5 minutes discussing the matter before the class tomorrow.

Institute of Micro Finance - Bangladesh
Middle Class Being Hijacked by WB

Individual Work Assignments - Our Work Tomorrow - Come Prepared

Tomorrow morning I shall review a few more things about Reading and Writing sections, and Vocabulary. I shall also give an EXPRESS-Train Style review the following works - click the link here: Works of August 2014

The following assignments are given - although this is NOT a full list, and lacks specific details. I would appreciate very if you send me mails with longer details of your individual tasks.

Undergrad Applicants
Susan = Novels and readings from Economic theories.
Azima = Have assigned the "theme" of Comm App. A short-list of books has been assigned which she takes up after resuming classes. 
Bushra =Have assigned a complete theme - but we are YET to find a way of presenting the theme.
Ifrat = Why Major still incomplete - no reading items in the last 3 days.
Labib = Assigned a few reading items including The Stranger
Wasifur = Reading items assigned, research paper in progress (but no news in last 3 days)
Zayeed = Expecting a long list of things that includes a Why Major…

Our Class Tomorrow at 8.30


Terry Pratchett on Writing


Geneva Study Tour Program - Salman Habib's Presentation

Today we had an unannounced briefing session conducted by Salman Habib regarding 2016 Geneva Study Tour Program. As you were all given the details of the program, I will not repeat the details here. I am glad to inform that already two students of last year and 2 students from current year have expressed their willingness to participate in the Geneva Program. I am still hopeful that may be one or two more students may be willing to offer themselves. Those who want to be in touch with Salman Habib may contact him over the e-mail. []

In the meantime, I want to assure everyone that coming Tuesday we MUST have our pre-assigned MOCK.

Mock ON Saturday at 8.30 am - Understanding Henry James's world

This is to confirm that we will have a SHORT MOCK on Saturday (22 August). I was hoping that we will have the FULL Mock in the class - but unfortunately my Leg-plaster will be removed on 31st August.

Our MOCK will include sections from Critical Reading and Writing Sections only. The students are also requested to send me reading reports as before.

Today, I sat with Maisha to discuss Henry James' novel The Wings of the Dove - the Syntactic Pattern used by Henry James is entirely his own invention. This Syntax is also influenced by the latest theories of Psychoanalytic Process newly discovered by the Linguists of the late 19th and early 20th century. I hope that when we meet in our regular class - someone will raise this issue of James' syntax and its novelties. The picture used here is that of Helena Bonham Carter, one of the finest actors of modern times, and one who was able to do justice to Heaviness to Jamesian Characters. If you intend to watch the FILM made form the novel,…

Questioning Technology - a Review Article

Everyone is requested to read the article on the following link. We shall discuss this issue in class on Tuesday.

Questioning Technology

Two E-mails by Two Students

The TWO following extracts are from TWO mails sent by Susan (first one) and Maisha (second one). I have also included a short commentary at the end of the second one.