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Ramadan 2013 - French Itinarary

Dear All,

Ramadan is expected to begin  AROUND July 9 and will finish AROUND August 7. Please send me your individual working schedule for the time July 6 - July 20. Everyone must submit this by 29th latest.

I plan to keep working FULL-swing during the second half of Ramadan as most of your educational institutions will be closed during this time.

My French Schedule is as follows:

July 4: No CLass
July 5: My flight
July 6: Reach Paris
July 7 - 15: Participate in World Congress of IDEA, Paris
July 16 - 18: Lille [to participate in local theatre workshop]
July 20: Expected Return to dhaka

Sanyasi or the Ascetic - Rabindranath Tagore

In this season of SAT/GRE I have induced a number of students to go for a reading of Tagore's Sanyasi OR Ascetic - to a good effect. I am here publishing a response from Raeesa Mehjabeen. She read the text in the class. I really like the piece. The writing has its own line of weakness too - it is merely a narrative. It could have included a line of ANALYTIC vein. However, the writing shows that the writer has spent a lot of effort in understanding the story-line.

Enjoy your time with the reading.

Sanyasi or the Ascetic is a play written by Rabindranath Tagore whichtalks about the underlying connection between the finite and the infinite. The play is about an ascetic who isolated himself from the materialistic finite world in order to enter the spiritual infinite world. In the end Sanyasi’s internal struggle is resolved when his love for a little girl made him realize that he cannot attain the infinite by rejecting the finite.
The play begins with an arrogant declaration by Sanyasi wh…

Books for the SAT/GRE students

All students are requested to get a copy of following books.

Sophie's WOrldAny of the books by Amitabh Ghosh
In addition to this you should keep working on The American Tragedy and Animal Farm from CUMMINGSSTUDYGUIDES.

Class on Thursday

Our Tomorrow's class shall start at 8.15 as before. You are all requested to briong your greatest weapon - CURIOSITY. And do not forget your LOG-Book.

New Students of 2013

I welcome new students of 2013. We are just a handful FEW now - I hope there will be more to join with us. Here is the list:
ShornaTashfiqueTahsinSynthiaFarzanRatul Raidah All of you are requested to consult your Official SAT/GRE books in order to become familiar with the exam pattern.