Our Alumni Visitors

Meeting an Anglophiles Alumni face to face provides a rare opportunity to gather a first-hand knowledge of the HOWs and WHATs of US College/University Admission.

In June 2015 we had the following alumni who came to talk to our current students.

Salman Habib
Rahul Roy

In 2011-12 we have already been visited by students of the following visitors.

      • Franklin and Marshall - Shibli Sajid
      • Purdue University - Puja Banerjee
      • Juanita - Akash
      • SUNY Buffalo - Tawsif  
      • Vassar - Fairuz Faatin
      • Bryn Mawr College - Anika Ali
      • Mount Holyoke - Humaira
      • Tufts - Samira 


  1. Hello Mamun Sir,
    I might be in Dhaka this December. Maybe I can swing by sometime? If I go will be there last two weeks of December and first week of January.

    1. Zafeer,

      I would love to meet you any time dear - it would also be a good opportunity to meet our students. Best wishes.


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