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Class Tomorrow from 8 am to 11

Get tuned up for a heavyweight class tomorrow (Tuesday)


8.00 am - 11.00 am

I will also sit with 2 students whom I have not sat with before.

Class Resumes from Tuesday / My Physical Condition

MY Leg Condition:
Right femur (right below pelvic joint) shows a 'cyst' - detected benign. The cyst is healing but the outer wall of the bone has been 'thinned'. I had been advised to walk with extreme care.Left pelvic joint shows collection of serum/pus - indicating inflammation and infection - currently being treated with 4th generation Antibiotic, painkillers etc.The Diagnostic tests have already excluded - Arthritis, Kidney problem, lungs and liver 'erosion', 'heart disease' of the Cardiac type. However, I do know for certain that I suffer from certain amount of heart disease - the doctors will be unable to identify.Waiting to exclude TB and Psoriatic ArthritisI regret to say that I will not take class tomorrow. I am improving as most of the Deadly Diseases that had been on the shelf had been excluded - except for a few lesser ones.

I would also like to assign Adnan to keep in touch with Mahmud - so that Mahmud is encouraged to send me reading reports…

SAT II Subject Choice

This is a request to everyone to remind me of SAT-II subject choice BEFORE we start our class tomorrow Wednesday morning at 8.00 am.

I am happy to notice that a large number of Reading Reports by most of the Students . This is definitely a HUGE improvement in the overall standard of our SAT class.

No Class tomorrow - Tuesday

We will have no class tomorrow Tuesday.

However, on Wednesday I will take class from 8 am to 12 am. 

I will cover a large number of Critical Reading and Writing items.

Everyone is AGAIN requested to send me a minimum 15 min report. I will be greatly honored.

The following is a report after today's CLASS.

Today morning I went to the Anglophiles SAT class. There at first we were asked to tell the profession of an artist in a music video on a Rabindranath Tagore’s Dance Drama. At first glance we were all wrong. It showed how noncompetitive was our reasoning skills by watching something. But when you showed us and helped us to identify the trigger by which we can actually guess that "dancing man's" profession accurately one of our fellow class mates did identified that but that wasn't hundred percent correct though.
By that question and our initial response I came to conclusion that I do answer questions shallowly. And the remedy is to concentrate and work harder.
After …

Yelling for Report - Monday SAT Class

I want me reports - everyone - please please PLEASE please - please. 

Also to remind that we have class tomorrow Monday - at 8.00 am - 11.00 am.

Of Writer's Block - Contributed by Kashef [of Northwestern U]

"Writer's block is tough to overcome- but it can be overcome if you trust that your mind is beautiful and write without inhibitions no matter how silly or horrible something might sound. Open your mind. Forget word limits. Write many drafts. Good writing requires inspiration, but the best inspiration comes from starting to write in the first place. Refinement is something that comes with time."

Stranger - by Washeq

A very 'unemotional' summary of The Stranger. Therefore, I liked it a lot.

The Stranger is a novel written by Albert Camus. The story is about Meursault, a man who is very indifferent to the events going around him.          At the beginning of the story we learn that Meurasult's mother has just died and he has gone to attend her funeral. Meursault has to take two days off to go to his mother's funeral in her old home which he put her in. He doesn't feel any remorse and sheds no tears, neither does he want to see his deceased mother's face. As his mother is to be buried in the morning, Meursault spends the night beside her mothers coffin drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. He thinks that it is absurd that people close to her mother are crying for her. On returning from the old home he goes swimming where he meets Marie, a former typist at his workplace. They go out to see a comedy film and have intercourse at night. Next Meursault meets Raymond, a man everyo…

Class tomorrow Tuesday / 2 MOCK Test Reports

This is to confirm that we have class tomorrow at 4.00 pm. It is going to be a VERY Important Class.

Everyone should try to Attend.

Today was our SAT Mock day. I have received 2 responses from 2 of our students. I am posting their statements regarding the Mock.

Zuhair wrote:

"Dear Sir,

When I took my 5th test TODAY, I found that in the Writing portion of the Test I was able to identify the problems quicker. It felt like accurate guessing."

Hasnat's REPORT is even more encouraging:

"Dear Sir,

This is the 5th Practice Test I have taken. I have noticed how the passages are SIMILAR to the reading items done in the class, especially - feminism, behaviourism, epistemology.

I have reached a conclusion that every Critical Reading Passages in the SAT exam follow a similar trend. In the case of Writing Sections, those 11 Grammar Drills from the Stress Book helped me a lot. About the Math Sections, it's all a mixture of algebra, geometry, statistics. Well I finished those se…

Business School Rankings

Liberal Feminism in Bangladesh

The following text appears in a report sent by Nahaz. Please note a very sharp observation on connection between Liberal Feminism and Bangladesh.  "Feminism, as you have shown us has three main schools of thought, namely Liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, Socialist feminism and Radical feminism. Liberal feminists believe that women are deprived from emancipation due to individual ignorance. Every woman must stand up for her own rights. They believe that widespread awareness on women's rights, and the drive to overcome the social hurdles can help them achieve their goals. From my reading, I understand that most feminists and women's rights activists in our country base their practices on the principles of Liberal feminism." "Marxist feminism and Socialist feminism have a lot in common. They believe economic inequality between males and females, and dependence of women on men has caused the social inequality. Marxists aim to end the differences by eliminating capit…

A Report on "Heart of Darkness" and Feminism by Argho

Dear Sir,
I have started my last remaining must read item, Heart Of Darkness. Till now I have successfully gone through the first chapter and have acquired some knowledge of its difficulty level and its content that I would like to share with you. The book is very descriptive, vivid and pictorial. The observations regarding the smallest of items and moments and some remarkable comparisons I have come across is very much pictorial. However it is not easy to read at a go. The stranger and The metamorphosis however did not require any breaks. Maybe the words used are slowing me down, however I might take comparatively a little more time than usual but I will try to get it done. I am guessing there is more stories of sea coming my way as I embark on a subconscious parallel journey on the Thames, the heart of darkness.

Sir here is a report on a previously done assignment on 2nd and 3rd wave feminism.

Feminism relates to the collection of movements that established equal political,…

Some SAT Exam Items

Barron’s SAT I test Reading Items Test 1/3:                 James Joyce The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Test 1/5:                 Thomas Hobbes and John Lock -philosophers of the 17th century / Nature of medieval cities Test 2/1:                 Medieval Cities Test2/3:                  Frederick Douglas / Charles Darwin and his expedition / Test 2/5:                 Detective Story – W.H. Auden / Crime and Punishment / Kafka-Trial and Metamorphosis Test 3.1:                  Plato-Myths and Rituals / Golden Bough-James Frazer / Carpe Diem ('Seize the Day'), an analysis of Rock & Roll and its Socio-political Impact Test 3/5:                 Issues of “Back to Africa / Issues regarding identity crisis Test 4/1:                 The Duchess of Malfi – Bosola [Scholar Assassin] Test 4/5:                 Particle Physics and its connection with dance and music Test 5/1:                 Rewriting the Native American Population’s history Test 5/3:                 Archetype, Ps…

What is to be Done (An allusion to Chernishevsky’s revolution-time novel in Russian)

You have to remind yourself constantly that SAT is not a Coursework – it is a lifestyle. Read something new every hour – see something new every day, try to LOCATE your new experience as you prepare for the next day.Finish the SAT I tests from Official SAT + Princeton 11 Tests + Barron’s SAT. If you are done with the tests then retake the tests for a second time.Carry a Note Book [this is your Log Book of Reading items] in which write down any thought comes to your mind.NEVER come to the SAT class without Heavy Breakfast or healthy Lunch.Use internet like a Professional Researcher. A good learner shall use the net for about 4 hours daily.Spend a time on the NET to read diverse reading items. Go to websites  such as + + + on a regular basis. Make it a daily business.Whenever you have an Academic, Non-academic, existential question or otherwise – talk to me or email the query to the following address ––– mamun_shahidul_sm…

Some Very Important Articles

I will use the following articles in next week's class.

Critical Thinking in College Writing - Gita DasBenderEssay Writing: The Essential Guide - David GauntlettIs Our Culture Dying - Tyler CowenApproaches to Argument in a Critical Essay5 Essential Elements of Writing Please try to find these in the web and if possible read a few pages.
On July 10, 2012 we had a brief class of 2 hours in which we discussed about  ‘Critical Reading Strategies’. As reference the items have been assigned for reading and Report.

1.THE POSSIBILITY OF SOCIAL CHOICE.               Nobel Lecture, December 8, 1998 by.AMARTYA SEN 2.Art Since 1950  National Gallery of art Washington 3.The Elements of Style by William Strunk 4.My Perspective: A Response to "Syntax at an Early Age". By: Melanie Sperling 5.Magic  Realism byStephen Slemon 6.Don't Begin Sentences with But  by George Dorrill 7.White Teeth and Postcolonial Literature���������������������…

After a Short Break

Dear All,

I apologize for not being able to access the BLOG. During the last two days we have covered a few things such as, -

 VocabularyA few Articles [Amartya Sen, Bertrand Russell, Jonathan Swift etc.] A few ideas and concepts in PhilosophyAdmission criteriaToday I had brief meeting with Farheen and Adnan and on Thursday I have arranged to meet with the following students. 

WasheqUmamaNahazNirjhorShabbir All of you are instructed to come at 2.00 pm. I will sit with individual students and I will ask you about your preparedness for SAT and Admission. 
I hope that rest of the students shall send me reports of their reading.

Fateless - Movie

“Holdvilágos éjszakán miről álmodik a lány… – what does she dream of while cradled in blue darkness and isolation?”

Of a "Sacked" Zuhair

"I logged on to SparkNotes yesterday and started reading a book “Sacked”. I am currently on chapter 5, and I have so far found the book interesting and more enjoyable then the summaries on cummings."

I will kill you for this - you sloth.

Reading Report on "College: What it was and Should be"

I just finished reading the reviews and introduction of College by Andrew Delbanco. I think we are all aware, to some extent, of the problems discussed in this book. But as we are least bothered about actually learning so, it is not even an issue. My friends are spending fortunes in universities, stressing themselves over exams and grades, but at the end, it all just to survive the competition or the inflation. 
It got me thinking  for a while about the colleges I would apply to. This book has helped me believe in my decision, that I should not study just for the sake of getting a job but also to become competent. It leaves me thinking, “I don’t want to go to a college where I will be forced to study just for tests, mid-terms and finals, BUT how can I find a college which would help me define myself?” This is why, I have listed this book as a “must read” before SAT.

Very Important Notice

Report - Report - Report ---- Or, face consequences!

Even a short 1 line report will suffice.

I have also posted a large number of selected links from our previous posts under the top banner titled Old Blog - Select Posts.

Everyone MUST check it today and tomorrow.

Freshman Year Reading from Princeton

Here is a shortlist: so, take a look.

Important !!!

I am going to POST new things in about half an hour from now. Check the BLOG in about an hour.

This is also to confirm that our class has been scheduled TOMORROW at 4.00 pm.


Big Questions

Dear ALL,

Do as much as possible - Anything at all!

A few of the peoples have missed today's class - please contact others and return to this BLOG tomorrow to find out what have we covered in the last 2 days.

I hope all those who were present have lot of things to think and WORK on.