US Coll/Univ Application 2015-16

As some of you will know that in the last 2 application seasons the application process to US Coll/Univ has changed significantly - mainly because of the changes in Common Application Online-only process. 

Many TOP univ/colleges have a very early Deadline for ED [Early Decision] Applicants – which is 1st November 2015So, you would better start preparing for the Application Papers. I must remind you that writing Application Essay will require a LOT of self-disciplining, practice, and intellectual inputs. It is probably the single-most important thing that the admission office will want to see - superseding the weightage of your exam performance and even SAT score.

As most of you will be applying for FINANCIAL AID, it is also important to start collecting documents such as Tax Papers, Bank Statements and filling up the forms. The first thing you need is to talk to your parents and show them the Collegeboard ISFAA Form which is used by International Students. You can find the link to last year's form [which remains unchanged for this year] here – 

You are also advised to look for the essay topics you will be required to write for different universities.

Keeping in touch with the CommonApp can be very helpful. You need to see what forms are there you should send to your School for Endorsement.

ComApp Forms here
From ComApp you can easily access the Supplementary forms of different Colleges and Universities: 

You should be preparing these documents Application:

Common Application Papers/Forms:
  • The First Year Student Application [Filled up by the Student Herself]
  •  Essay [Main Essay] [Your Flagship Essay]
  • Short Answer [150 Words] 

TO Be Collected From School:

§  Secondary School Report
§  Mid Year School Report
§  Teacher Evaluation Form [2 Subject Teachers of School]
§  Teacher Recommendation [Same 2 Subject Teachers of School] 
§  International School Supplement to the Secondary School Report
§  Secondary School Transcript:
    •  [Generally, Class 11 & 12 – Alternately, Class 9 & 10]
§  Counselor’s Report [School Principal’s Reco]
§  A’ Level and O’ Level Certificates [Marksheet Y/N]
§  SAT – I Score Report [Printed from Online &Attached by School Seal]
§  SAT – II Score Report [Printed from Online & Attached by School Seal]
College Supplement MAY include ADDITIONAL papers such as:
§  Supplementary Essays [Generally, 1 or 2 WHY Essays - Why this subject and Why this College/Univ]
o   [It can anything between minimum 1 to a maximum 7 or 8 pages depending on which Coll/Univ you are applying to.]
§  Research Paper
§  Analytical Report on a Book recently Read [also called Graded Paper]
§  ECA and Academics List
§  Peer Recommendation
§  Financial Aid Papers [4-Page Form along with Tax Papers, Bank Statement etc.]

Many Students Will Submit Documentation of ECA:
§  Recommendation from a Trainer
§  Art/Music/Photo Portfolio
§  Writing Portfolio

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