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Everyone is REQUESTED to send ALL Supplements

Do it by tonight - or by tomorrow.

I am working from HOME - Meeting Tomorrow

Analytical Writing - Hidden - Obvious  

Today I am working from home. I am requesting everyone to submit their Analytical Graded Paper in improved drafts by today. We meet tomorrow at 8.30 am to get our reviews done.

Application Joke

Ishmum: Do you know REED is the only college that has a reactor for undergrad school.
Rakeen: Yes, they do. Only it's the size of a Washing Machine.
Everyone: Ha ha hee hee hee ho o o
Ishmum: But, listen ...
Everyone: Oh hoh hoh ho ... ha hah hah!
Ishmum: This is one college that keep their doors open to every THING!
Fahim: I wish they will be open for you.
Everyone: Oh hoh hoh ho ... ha hah hah! Eyah Eyah Eyah ... hay hay
Ishmum: Ok, let's just live and let live - okey? Man!
Everyone: Yea hia hia - ha ha hah - ho ho - oh keyh hoh...

All Fools' Day

Today was an all fools' day and it rolled off wonderfully - none of us worked. And we missed none of the deadlines. And we are foolishly happy. A lot of supplements remain. The colleges informed us that they will wait till the end of February.

My eye-infection subsided - I will start working tomorrow from lunch-hour.

All Supplements were Rejected Today

All supplements [A total 25 in No] sent by the candidates were REJECTED because these contained Complex Syntactical Structures.No essay will be approved - UNLESS - you send honest essays with easy language.


Best Day in February

Not much pressure - a lot of familiar faces. Working full-scale for the supplements and research papers.

Last POST Gone

We just submitted the last Application from our class, a few min ago. I shall work full fledged from tomorrow morning. Everyone must arrive with their respective reading/research materials.

Help me get back to your Latest Versions of Supplements

By Sending me a Chronological Compilation. Do it immediately. Samiha, Silmee, Era - you MUST send me something worth being the FINALS.

Supplements Finalization

Dear All,

Please meet me tomorrow - for finalizing some of the SUPPS for each of you.