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MAIL from Smith - Few Important Matters

Hi Sir, I hope you’re doing well. I am sure you’re having a good time with your new batch as the ED deadlines approach soon.
I’m very sorry I couldn’t write to you earlier. Whatever time I have after classes, work and extra-curricular activities, I spend it doing homework. I am in an advanced introductory Chemistry course, an accelerated beginner’s French course, an intermediate-level math course and a writing intensive course. Although my chemistry course is introductory, it is for students who have prior background in the subject. Almost the entirety of the syllabus is quantum mechanics so this is a course I have to put a lot of effort into it.  You had advised me to use A-level credit to skip the intro courses but upper class people who have used AP/ A-level credits have advised me against using it for Chemistry but I am using it for Biology and Mathematics. It is possible to graduate in 3.5 years because lab science courses have 5 credits so you end up with around 18-19 credits pe…

POETRY DAY - SAT II Mocks Should NOT be forgotten

Please work on SAT -II Mocks.

It's a great day as well. So, I just assigned Tahsin with poetry reading from the following sources.

Metaphysical Poetry [John Donne, Herbert, Andrew Marvell] Use poetryfoundation site. Emily Dickinson Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Her verse novel Aurora Leigh]Elizabeth Bishop [Everything she wrote glitters with wit and passion]. 

A Working Report I loved reading

Here is a working report that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Please note that the writer's excitement is quite visible in the report. Let me add that she has spent an entire TWO hours on the road to reach our class. I am very much impressed by the fact that Basma has NOT let the stress become overbearing. Well, here is the report. [I have decorated this particular post with a picture of Antonia looking into the distance as she is ensconced in tufts of grass.] 

Sir, As you have signed, I am currently reading "My Antonia" and "The Great Gatsby" simultaneously. I am on the 7th Chapter of My Antonia and I am really enjoying it. It gives a vivid picture of the lifestyle in the prairies of Nebraska. It is exciting to experience Jim and Antonia's friendship as it keeps blossoming even through their language and cultural barriers. As for "The Great Gatsby",I have just started reading it. The context seems a slightly more advanced but I am liking it so far…

Three Versions - Three Determinants

The three of them were asked to take a sojourn around the near-most art gallery in Dhanmondi. They came back with images, discovery, and metaphors.  


The art gallery we visited today is “Shilpangon”.  The first paintings that I saw today comprised of scenarios from mountainous regions till rural Bangladesh. One painting that caught my eye in particular was that of a river. The reflection of the pink twilight sky on the shimmering water is what had attracted my attention. Paintings of the sunset sky were common and did not stand out as much as the river painting that I mentioned. Next, I saw somewhat abstract paintings. Amorphous shapes and strokes resembled the facial structure of people. What stood out for me was a long faced shape of a man/woman with the neck resembling that of a giraffe’s. It was a black and white sketch and looked like a well-pictured cartoon character. What I saw next was the memorable segment of today’s outing: different forms of the human body were in…

There Might be Typos in the Titles - Correct on your Own

1.In the light of what we know 2.Sea of poppies 3.A streetcar named desire 4.Moby Dick 5.Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf 6.Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock 7.Reading Lolita in Tehran 8.The Stranger 9.The Metamorphosis 10.The Namesake 11.Battle by Scrivener 12.The Wings of the Dove 13.Pride and Prejudice 14.The Glass Menagerie 15.

Work Schedules for the Next 7 Days

Tuesday = Reading reports + possible essay submission (2 items)
Wednesday = Subject Test Mock = 2 Subj; Reading reports
Thursday = Reading reports
Friday = Reading Reports + 10 Essays
Saturday = Reading Reports + 10 Essays
Sunday = Reading Reports + 10 Essays

Topics can range from Medieval towns in delta-Bengal to invention of razors, to streets and people in Old Dhaka.

200 Pages of Reading and 20 Pages of Reading

Nothing LESS shall do.