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From Dickinson College

Here is the mail I received today morning. I hope Zayed will soon join us in a SKYPE conference sometime this week. Now have a look at this slightly edited mail.

Dear Sir,
I know you told me to keep you posted with works right after orientation but certain developments prevented me from doing so. I hope you will keep this from my parents but I had high fever for the first two weeks of college but everything is fine now. I did all of my classes in that feverish state and never skipped a single class. I think that has made me even more confident in what I am capable of. Now I'll first tell you about the academic side of things. The past two weeks have been extremely eventful for me and you'll see why.
This semester I am taking Contending Political Ideologies (A 200-level Political Science course where we discuss the development and evolution political ideologies from their conception to the present. So far we've done Liberalism and are now working on Conservatism but I would r…

Urgent - Preparation for Exam on Saturday

Please make sure that you know the EXACT Location of the SAT Exam Venue. Take a FULL Test at home tomorrow at 8.30 am - I will be in the class to monitor timing. Monitor your SLEEPING Time from tomorrow morning - DO go to sleep by 11.45 pm. Monitor your morning allergy and take precautions. Take HEAVY breakfast by 7 am tomorrow and on the EXAM Day. It may happen that your exam will start LATE - in that case you will have to give the exam EMPTY Stomach. AVOID such a scenario.Visit BLOG after every 8 hours.

Sentence Writing Error Detection Drills

We are working on the following 2 items right now - from 10.30 onwards we shall start a MOCK and end the class at around 2.00 pm.

Sentence Errors Review 12 Pages

A Man for All Seasons - Reading Assignments

Congratulations to those who have attended yesterday evening's theatre performance by a fully professional cast and hands - A Man for All Seasons. This is perhaps the only Robert Bolt play performed in Bengali language either in Dhaka or in West Bengal. I also invite you to keep working on the individual Genre/Author-reading (for those who are already assigned with). I remember that for this year we have already decided to work on Tennessee Williams, Graham Greene, Amitabh Ghosh (selected), and readings in Metafictions.

Performance of A Man For All Seasons - today at Shilpakala Academy at 6.30 pm. Everyone is required to attend.

Four-line Verses on Cigarratte

Here is an advertisement for cigarette that was published on an Indian Film Magazine in 1848. Can you identify the verse's author and find out the links in our BLOG that discusses his poetry? There is a clue in the pic as well. Can you find out the modern practitioner of such poetry in English - he is someone descended from a Kashmiri family and received recognition in the West. In 2014, we did a long critical paper on his poetic craft.

Discussion 10 Min - Before the MOCK Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Saturday, we shall begin the class with a discussion over Edward Albee's film A Delicate Balance. I want all of your to watch the film as part of our discussion. If you are unable to watch the film in FULL, please watch it with Drag-and-Pull method. In this way the film can be watched in 49 min. I am currently working on the entire oeuvre of Albee and this 10 min session will be a great opportunity for me to engage our class in one of the FINEST writers of 20th Century. Please find the link to the film below.

A Delicate Balance

MOCK Schedule

Mock - 5 = 22nd September (you are absent, but you have been informed earlier) Mock - 6 = 23 September, Friday (you are expected to attend at 8.00 am or by 8.30 am) Mock - 7 = 24 September, Saturday (you are expected to attend at 8.00 am or by 8.30 am) NO MOCK = 25th September SUNDAY Mock - 8 = 26 September MONDAY (you are expected to attend at 8.00 am or by 8.30 am)

Visual Treat

At the end of the day - something to look forward to... all these are done by Shamsul Alalm Helal. No copyright infringement intended.

Photography at the Wrong Places

Our WORK-Day Today

We shall work on a large number of reading items. This is also going to test your ability to read with Speed and Accuracy. The links will appear one at a time.

I have already received 2 confirmations that 2 of you will NOT be attending. This definitely frustrates the plan for today. This is to inform everyone that this coming 10 days will be extremely crucial as we will be engaged in MOCKS, Reading Sessions and Essay Writing Sessions. If you inform me beforehand that you wont be coming, I can prepare the works ahead.
Thoreau = Writer of WALDEN PondBartleby the Scrivener = Melville I have received a 3rd request to be excused today.

Here are 3 links to the second reading item. The first link is to the background study through Photographs. The second link is to the TEXT. The third link is to an analysis of the story.

Background through Pictures
Bartleby the FULL text = 30 pages
Reflections on Bartleby

EID Works

We had been working on Eid days too. SO, here are some interesting readings. Please go through these.

Ancient Greece
SAT Writing
What we had been doing - Dali & Others
Great POSTS of the past years
Illustrated YOGA
Light on Yoga

TIMEPASS - Her 5th Life

This book had had a life of its own in our class. I bought it two times and two times I got this as a gesture of goodwill from the readers I 'create' in my class. This time the book arrived as I was passing through a hope against all hopes - but arrive it did. I take the opportunity to thank Jarin for doing this improbable thing 'happen'. I believe that this is a book that should be read by every emerging 'human', every would-be artist, every woman in the 'being'. Welcome back Protima!

Mock Monday = Veranda Video Conference

There will be a real MOCK tomorrow. We start exactly at 8.30 am and hope to get it over by 12.30. Everyone shall bring her OWN Real SAT Books. I would also like to see your copies of SAT-II Math and Physics Books. Nibras, Basma will take the mock from home but shall keep the time from class. Jidit and Sushmita will take their respective tests in TOEFL and GRE.

Since this will be our last class before EID, I will also expect you to send me a schedule of your works for the next 2 days.

I am planning to have a Video Conference of VERANDA members on Eid day. Attendees are requested to contact Jarin for finalizing the time and getting Era, Bushra, Raidah, and Raisa to join the conference.

EId Mubarak to all of you.

Under Milkwood

Everyone is required to listen to this 5 minute reading of Dylan Thomas play - voice-over by Richard Burton. Find all types of literary devices used by Dylan - Alliteration, Assonance, Atmosphere, Imagery, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Setting, & Simile. These terms will be useful in writing the Redesigned SAT Essay.

Under Milk Wood

Some Revealing BLOG Posts

Very Important

Revealing BLOG Posts

Individual Reading Materials

This is to remind the students that you will be required to give TALK on your chosen titles in the class in the coming weeks. 

Promit = Reading items for PRE-resreach work: Kautilya's Arthashastra (almost done), The Wealth of the Nations, Sanskrit Play: "Mudra Rakshaha". Economics folder. My individual reading items: Mahatma Gandhi's Freedom's battle, Mary Wollstonecraft "A Vindication of the rights of Women", The Stranger, Decoding the Theory of Knowledge (TOK). 

Mayisha = My individual reading list includes "Sea of Poppies", Sophie's World, The Stranger, Metamorphosis, The Bell Jar. Pre-research work includes The Plague, Jane Eyre, Love in the Time of Cholera, Hamlet. 

Turna = Daisy Miller (Finished), The Metamorphosis (Finished), Reading Lolita in Tehran, Moby Dick, My Antonia, The Awakening.

Jarin = Introducing Marx by Rius, Think like a freak by Dubner and Levitt, In the light of what we know by Zia Haider Rahman, Reading Loilita in Tehra…

URGENT Notice - Tomorrow Morning Meeting

I will meet the following till 1.00 pm.

Promit - Should confirm time
Mayisha - Already confirmed
Turna - Should confirm time

The rest should let me know if they can meet me at 1.00 pm onwards. But do please confirm by messenger.

New Reading Item (Selected) - গৌতম বুদ্ধ / সিদ্ধার্থ

I am NOT including every titles that we worked on today in the class. It is because all of you have your exclusive reading schemes and I want these to be part of your Unique Presentation during application essays.

Open Reader on SIDDHARTHA
Siddhartha - Full TEXT
Siddhartha - Critical Objection

This is a GREAT reading. The mail text has only 55 pages to read. Wonderful insight. There are some criticisms on Hesse's handling of this great theme - but in spite of such objections, you can thoroughly enjoy the book.

Here are two EXCELLENT articles on Buddhism in America and Europe = two MUST reads for everyone.
Buddhism and America
Schopenhauer and Nietzsche - influences on Herman Hesse

Our BLOG is Reopened

This is to request everyone to visit the BLOG at regular intervals as I was finally able to resuscitate this page with much effort. Tonight, I will post a few things about tomorrow's class. You are also encouraged to submit your Queries through the COMMENT section of each post.

All SAT Applicants are requested to submit your reading materials through messenger.

Mayisha, Promit,Arif, and Tahsin - will additionally send me the reading list for the intended PRE-research works. Those who were already assigned with Ajar Nafisi's book, should send me SHORT report of their "personal assessment" of the book's content.