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27 June, 2015

Zuhayr and Raimi are both requested to work on the assigned Bengali language books. I will be uploading a few more titles by today and tomorrow. Please also notify me when you will be coming tomorrow for the class.

25 Feb 2015

RMM is requested to access the following link and read three poems:
  1. La belle dame sans merci  [page 17-19]
  2. Ode to a Nightingale [Page 28-31]
  3. Ode to Autumn [Page 32-33]
  4. Link to Keats' Poetry 
Note that the second poem is one of the most important poem in the History of English Poetry.

RMM is requested to make a choice of 3 titles - better if it is a mixture of Novel and Play - finish these in 9 Days. Suggestions: My Antonia, The Tempest, Great Gatsby. All these have several versions in FILMS - but it is strongly suggested that you work on the text first.

Make sure that EACH Play - must not take more than the performance length - that is it must be between 2 - 4 hours.

From 19th September 2014, we will be working on the following books:
  1. The Lowland [This is Jyoti's personal choice]
  2. My Antonia My Antonia Link
  3. Great Gatsby [My Choice] GG Link
  4. Timepass - Basma is truly engrossed in reading this non-fiction. I will try to get a few photocopies for many of the interested readers in the class. 
  5. Raiyan is working on "Three Shakespearean Tragedies" - but I also wanted him to work on Dickens's Great Expectations.

On the 29th June our O Level Language Class focused on the following items:
      • Discussion of how the Males keep their social identity through their association of Money and Property.
      • Compare the TWO characters of Darcy and Gatsby. We also compared Elizabeth and Daisy. We talked about how Daisy is unworthy of a dream as big as Gatsby's.
      • We also tried to understand Elizabeth's [Pride & Prejudice] attitude towards her new status as a wife of a wealthy man. 
Apart from the above we talked about the following:
      • The Reading Items students are working through.
      • Some of these are: 
        • Life of Pi [Afrida]
        • Hunger Games [Afrida and Tanima]
        • Matilda [Abrar]
        • The Time Traveler's Wife [Asmita]
        • Sense and Sensibility [Asmita]
        • Oscar Wilde [Asmita]
        • My Antonia [Tanima]
        • Greek Mythology by Edith Hamilton [Tanima] 
        • David Copperfield [Rafiuzzaman]
        • Harry Potter [Everyone!]
We decided that we will work on THREE Shakespearean Plays. First everyone will have to read the summary and Plot-outline, recall the characters. 

[All these from  http://www.cummingsstudyguides.net ]. Then we will go through FILM version of the individual Plays.
      • The Tempest 
      • A Mid Summer Night's Dream
      • Much Ado About Nothing


  1. Hi, do you guys have new books on young adult? i mean some supernatural novels if you suggest?

  2. The list on this page is clearly towards the Classics. Classics can be read by anyone with appropriate linguistic preparation. I am sure that there are plenty of websites who can suggest young adults novels. However, my personal choice is Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I hope you will enjoy the Original Version.


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