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Wednesday Class

Dear All,

Our Wednesday class BEGINS at 9.30 am

Sorry for all your inconveniences.

Classes in HARTAL

This is our last working week before the November SAT exam. So, we are having classes during the Hartal days. If possible, do NOT miss these very Busy+Important+Mock days.

Hartal timing 8.30 am TO 2.00 pm.

Right now [Sunday Morning 10.21 am] only 8 of us are here working on MOCKS.

Oni [Nov SAT 2]
Daniel [Nov SAT I]
Ratul [Nov SAT 2]
Ishmum [Jan SAT I]
Sumatra [Working at home on SAT I - Vocabulary and then she starts Test from Princeton 11]
Rashif [Nov SAT 2] Working on Maths at Home
Raeesa [Nov SAT 2] Working on Maths + Literature
Tasin [Dec SAT 2] Physics

I also had a FULL Review of Financial Aid papers with Amlan's parent.

Heisenberg Uncertainty + Schrodinger's Cat

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle EXPLAINED together with Schrodinger's Cat and Quantum Reality.

Post-EID Assignments

Dear All,

Eid-Mubarak to you all. Please find the following GRID that gives brief descriptions of tasks assigned individually. I have also indicated [in some cases] - what I am expecting from some of you. This is done in order to maintain an overview of my own engagements regarding my students. Names are listed alphabetically.

Name Program Task Amlan App Process Yet to finalize our Common App essay and supplementaries. Amil SAT Working mostly on SAT vocabulary and Reading Items Avijit SAT Working on Why Major. A bit slowed down because of previous record of multiple-distractions. Daniel

Daily Independent Article - on Anglophiles

Tanima wrote the article, published yesterday, for the Daily Independent. The article is based on her experience of being a part of ANGLOPHILES. Tanima is currently touring the US and intends to return soon to subject me to further humiliation.


So, here is the LINK.

The Daily Independent - My Journey Through English

Collegeboard Financial Aid Form 2014-15

Find the link to College Board 2014-15 International Student Financial Aid Form:

Best of Luck to the Hardy-6

The title says it all - Good Luck Dear Everyone!

Before the EXAM

Here is a very IMPORTANT Blog-post. You are advised to read it in FULL and send me your responses over the mail.

Dear Sir, 

The regimen proposed in the blog will not significantly improve one's performance on the test day but will definitely save him or her from losing points due to tension, malnutrition and disorganized approach.


Thursday Class - SAT

Well, this would be our LAST Class before the October 5th exam at the IS, Dhaka. I intend to do go through the following plan:

1. Essay - 1 item
2. Discussion of Writing Passage
3. Discussion of Critical Reading
4. A few words!

Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Reports on 5 NOVELS/reading Items

The following reports, prepared by Rahul, are moderately OK. But the sentences are good-looking, with good command over multiple CLAUSES putting together. 
LORD OF THE FLIES The story of the novel depicts the problems of the society and the shortcomings of any political system and how they are mere reflections of the problems of the human nature. The series of the events in the story progress in the form of an allegory, portraying a group of boys and their conflicts in the establishment of power, which they regard as necessary to the sustenance of law in the island they are present. Ralph, and his friend, Piggy comes to the island due to a shipwreck. They meet Jack and the Choirboys. At first they co exist in harmony as Ralph as their leader. However, Jack starts to envy Ralph and desires to be the leader. Thus, Jack and his group independently hunts for food. Boys from Ralph's group starts to move to Jack's group due to greater facilities of food and entertainment. At one point…