Monday, 29 December 2014

Last POST before the Submissions: MOST SIGNIFICANT Disclaimer in 2014

  1. Today the essays and supplements are FAR more complex and DEVELOPED than ever ANYONE IN THE CLASS has conceived.
  2. Every line and every sentence contain trace of ANGLOPHILES signature thoughts.
  3. SO, I have done my job approximately well.
  4. MY WOW language is intended for those moments where my students FAIL to produce their OWN Voice. In the last 3 months I have FOUGHT and waged WAR with the sterile attitude of my students who consistently refused to work on anything that does NOT represent their own PREJUDICE.
  5. After this 3 months I am able to say that the 2014 batch of Anglophiles are far ahead of other students ANYWHERE - this particular PURITANICAL process has again proved to be very EFFECTIVE.
Regarding the ABOVE points - it is no longer needed for me to make SUBSTANTIAL changes to the drafts - because the drafts contain ALL the things I have wanted my students to incorporate. My job will be to make sure that there is NO extensive ERROR in the essays.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Tomorrow Morning Session - follow timing below

8.00 = Shafat, Ritwik, Naven, Tapojit
9.00 = Silmee, Samiha
9.10 = Raisa

Activity List Finalization

Today I have finalized/finalizing activity list of the following. Those who are absent today are required to be present tomorrow at 8 am sharp.


A Bardie - Class of 2019

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mail from Mount Holyoke

Dear Sir,

Happy to speak to you again. Hope everything is going well. It has been a nice experience here. The classes I attended were quite similar to our meetings at Anglophiles, especially my first year seminar course, so it was good preparation. Thank you very much for the endorsements. Have a great winter!


An essay in the making

I was finalizing an essay [on kohl and shankhachurna] when this image appeared. Emotion and reason must be welded together. 

CA Essay Submissions

  1. Yes, finally I have started receiving a surge of CA essays - poor quality - but now there is a way I can mold these into better things. 
  2.  I will be in class from 12 pm onwards.
  3. Phone switched off as usual. 
  4.  Some parents are trying to reach me - which is impossible to arrange. I am sure they will understand eventually.

Friday, 19 December 2014

My Phone will be OFF Today and Tomorrow

I will open my phone after tomorrow evening. In the meantime I will finalize the suggested 2 applications. There could be a third one - provided you work at your own speed and do NOT insist that you come to the class.As a safety - I will not go to class tomorrow. I will work from my Moghbazar Office - STUDENTS will get immediate feedback when you send CA Essay.

I hope in spite of the repetition of last year - things will go fine. To get ideas for essays - please read the previous 3 posts.

You MUST send CA Essay Each by today 3 pm

Rakibul - 1st Rejected Essay Today - BUT GOOD Shot!
Samiha - 1st Essay rejected today/ 2nd Essay also rejected

Thursday, 18 December 2014

I will sit with Rafiuzzman and Samiha tomorrow at 3 pm. Others will attend me on Saturday according to a schedule I shall post tomorrow. I will give you an average of 1 hour on Saturday - provided you have ESSAY suggestions.

This is also to reveal that we are on the verge of sending at least 2 and maximum 3 applications by 20th December. I hope you all co-operate by sending ESSAYS.

Morning session is OFF tomorrow.

Economics Enthusiasts are requested to read the following:

Atif Mian: Great Pakistan Economist on "House of Debts" 

I am at WORK right NOW

  1. All I want is that you work with LOVE and Emotion. Nothing else matters. And keep an eye on human capacity to do EVIL - but you need not 'articulate the ill'.
  2. Add 2 things to your Activity list that you have always wanted.
  3. Keep at least 3 poems open before you. 
  4. Common App Essay should have three qualities - Easy-to-read, Witty, EMOTIONAL
  5. A 2-day International Conference TODAY at 10 am at the Faculty of Social Studies at Dhaka University - Reference - Page 5 of Prothom Alo.  
  6. Imp Note: Yesterday I left you for 2.5 hours and when I returned ONLY one fresh essay was presented for review. TOMORROW I shall ONLY sit with those who will send me 3 FRESH Essays based on Rule-1 above.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Meet me in HASTE

Samiha[Dead urgent]
Afsara [Urgent]
Adib [Urgent]
Tapojit [Received a semi-moderate amount of thrashing today - submits refreshed versions of his works and plans in 24 hours] 

ALL must arrive tomorrow at 8.00 am. We shall work till 3 pm.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Alarming Ignorance - A Note of Concern

This is with a lot of alarm that I am writing this post. Many of the students do NOT understand that regarding EACH and EVERY Recommendation they have to follow these steps:
  1. Finalize Reco
  2. Get Teacher's Approval
  3. Get RECO Printed
  4. Get Teacher's SIGNATURE.
  5. Scan the paper with Signature on it.
  6. Upload the Scanned RECO with Signature from the Recommender's Common App Account. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Abhijeet - Supplements

Abhijeet is hereby requested to send supplements of ALL 11 supplements [Jan 1 Deadlines] of his selected colleges in the next 24 HOURS. Failing to do so will result in Abhijeet's EXPULSION from the Application Process till December 25. It is hoped that this impending expulsion [which I feel almost sure to happen] will help him to work on his own and re-organize his life. 

The time for submission expires tomorrow at 10.12 am. 

Our Meeting Tomorrow from 8 am.- 12 pm - And a List of Names

Please note that I will be available in the class from 8 am to 12 pm.
THURSDAY we shall work for the whole day.
The persons who are completely UNDER-PERFORMING are:


You are being asked to submit 5 supplements in the next 24 hours. Otherwise, your chances of completing the applications in time will be dim. The last two names are completely Disoriented with the Application Process itself. This is as a last resort I am NAMING them - so that they take me seriously.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Fruitful Day Concluded as Deadline Approaces

I am glad to note that today was a fruitful day with almost all of you - save the exception of Sawmma - but we are meeting tomorrow at the earliest hour - well before any one you shall arrive. I hope all of you will keep working on ESSAYS and Graded Paper / Research Paper. 

In absence of a GOOD quality CA Essay - I am NOT gong to finalize any of the application materials. Everyone should target 15th December as the conclusion of ALL major Supplement Essays. But here is another definition for college application deadlines: "It is a day when you will drop dead on a pile of corpses of your unwritten essays."

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Reeling under stress

  1. I am sure all of you are thinking as life being unfair. I do not sympathize - I am just a party to your pains.
  2. We shall have 2 Mocks tomorrow - those who have school exams going on can come and give the mock in either 1st half or in the 2nd half. Please let me know.
  3. I start at 7.30 at the latest. 
  4. We begin FULL scale INVASION from Sunday - 7th December.
  5. I could not come across a better visual - so here goes the cover of TW's Memoirs. 

A Combo-report

I feel like an intelligent ape after reading Rabindranath Tagore’s written stories. All his stories somehow links me to the modern society. World has changed but the people of this world remained the same.  They have not amended their thoughts. I was out of thoughts for two days. Could not find any words or things to write. So I planned to read few things. I started with Tagore’s stories which makes the rust in my brain disintegrate. ‘একটি ক্ষুদ্র পুরাতন গল্প’ is a very intellectual story and, therefore, I could not understand what the writer was trying to preach. He gave few comparisons between two birds but what little I understood was that he was trying to explain a contradiction between two living styles of human beings. One type lives in a harsh world and another one lives in a soft world. But at the end they are all same; they fight for their existence. 

The story ‘খাতা’ seemed more attention-grabbing to me. It was all about a little girl who loved to write. But her dream of learning got shattered when her father made her to marry a guy, who much older than her, at an age of nine. Her husband snatched her writing copy from her when he discovered that she writes in the absence of him. She was never allowed to write again.Though the practice of child marriage is an old thing but it still occurs in our society. Mostly the poor families are the victims of it. Girls get bestowed to their husbands as they become a burden to their own family. They are sworn that they will be given the opportunity to study at their in-laws house. But very soon they realize that they were married not for love but as an unpaid maid who will do the house works. And most of the times conceiving a baby at a very young age worsens the condition. 

Girls are often not given the liberty to live a life of their dreams. They are not allowed to chase their goals. A handful families recognizes the importance of education. All women cannot be like Gauri from the novel “The Lowland’ who leaves everything behind to live her life. Women of our society don’t leave like Gauri because they are afraid of losing everything they have got but in reality they don’t realize that they haven’t earned anything in their life except disrepute. This does not mean that women should leave their children and go for her own life. It is possible to maintain a family and to do what they like. Only the men of our society has to change. 

John Keats was trying to express his feelings to a bird in the ‘Ode to a Nightingale’. It is a very tough one for me to understand but what I can infer is that the writer is tired of this world. He wants to get lost in the darkness where he will be on his own. He wants fly like the bird with it in to the dark jungles. And want to sit on a tree with it in isolation. He is tired of being happy in others happiness. It makes his life more miserable. The people of this world has no importance to him. But the nature is something he feels unavoidable. He finds the life of the Nightingale more inquisitive than his own life.

Rameesa’s revisit to Logophiles: After a semester at Lawrence University

First Report (Borno): She entered attired in a shimmery yellow-green salwar kameez; perhaps the same attire she wore in her university...