Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hospitalized - our next class on Coming Friday

I am very sorry to inform that I had a knee-joint displacement yesterday while going to Mawa. I am now going under treatment. In the meantime ALL of you MUST send me Reading Reports and Most importantly some Better Developed Why Major.

Our next class will be on Friday - 31st July. Do pray for my fast recovery.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

First SAT Mock Session - Why Major Issue

We are all having our first SAT Mock today. We started at 8.30 am and shall continue till around 12. We are working on TEST 5 from the Official SAT Book. Susan, Marisa, and Samirah are requested to work on this self-timed test at home.

For the "Why Major", I am yet to receive any substantial work from any one of you. As you must understand, that writing the "Why Major" is the single-most important work need to be done before you turn to other writings for the ED Application. From 24th July onwards I intend to start working with everyone individually on this very important aspect of your application. In the meantime you are required to keep yourself informed about the latest research developments in your chosen fields.

I will sit with Azima, Bushra and Ifrat on the 24th (Friday) for a sitting on Why Major. Wasifur will sit with me on the 28th. Susan and Marisa should inform me when you want to sit with me regarding the Why Major issue.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Three Day Hiatus

This is the list of works to be done during the three days our classes are suspended.Our class commences on 20th July. Samirah will work on additional items. I have already assigned additional work for Ifrat and Wasifur. Azima will work on a Manifesto in addition to the following works. Marisa and Susan are requested to send me mails regarding their current engagements. Bushra is also required to inform me her additional work regarding her selection of research papers on her chosen major. Thank You - I hope all these will NOT ruin your festive mood. 

1. Watch these films: - Charulata (Bengali film by Satyajit Ray)
                               - Ryan's Daughter by David Lean (Irish Political Theme)
                               - The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Irish Political Theme)
2. Read any 3 Poems: - To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell
                                - Dover Beach by Mathew Arnold
                                - Musee des Beaux Arts / Night Mail/Unknown Citizen by W. H. Auden
                                - Dulce Est Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen
                                - Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot
                                - Miss Sarajevo (Song and Video) by Bonno and Pavarotti
                                - Final Soliloquy of Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
3. ARABY - A Short Story by James Joyce
4. The first 50 words of Parade (Refer to Stressbook 1)
5. Selection of 5 research paper titles and read at least 2. Send links and report on the TWO.
6. Suggest at least TWO ECA that you can start immediately. 
7. Send a report on "Capabilities of Effective Engineering Leadership" (from Stressbook 1)

The single most important item would be to select your MAJOR through Extensive Research - the process of which we have already discussed in the last two days. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

We Meet Tomorrow at 8.30

This is to inform all that we meet tomorrow at 8.30-9.00 am and continue for about 3 hours. Bring Laptops and Stressbooks.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Travel Grant to USA

All current Freshman students are requested to visit the AAA website to learn about a travel grant to USA. Please follow the link below. It is a joint program by AAA, EducationUSA, and EMK Center. The deadline is 15th July, 2015.

American Alumni Association

Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Report From Bushra - On her recent readings - Good Efforts

I have started on Sophie's World.

I think the book raises some very fundamental questions for example, what a human being is or how the world came into being. The author says how we stop thinking about these things as we grow up and have grown used to everything. The course of philosophy given to Sophie starts with Nordic and Greek Mythology. It has been stated how the various phenomena in life were tried to be explained by using mythology. The explanations of mythology got rejected as philosophers like Thales and Xenophanes came. The earliest works of science have been discussed and how different philosophers contradicted each other’s' conclusions. The most sought after answer during the times of the very first philosophers was what things are made of and one thing can change into another. One philosopher, Paramindes was dependent on his logic only while another named Heraclitus depended on his senses as well. Then came Empedocles who stated the basic elements, which make up all things are air, earth, fire and water. Then began the study of astronomy started by Anaxagoras. He was the one to discover moon has no light of its own.

Sir, I am also reading Death of A Salesman. It tells us the story of Willy and his family. As Willy is growing old, he now has meager income. He is also very frustrated and depressed by this situation. It can be understood that he is not mentally well as he often talks to himself. Willy is also disappointed that his older son, Biff is not doing so well in life. He had huge expectations from Biff, who was well-liked by everybody. He is upset that Biff is looking after cattle in a farm. Whenever Biff comes home, there is rift between his father and him. [Mamun's note: THe play is a strong denunciation of Capitalist System that deems a man useless when he can no longer bring huge profits to the Company.]

Sir, today I will send you the report on The House of Mirth later. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Invitation to Theatre Performance

All current and erstwhile students of Logophiles are requested to attend a live theatre performance by the 28th Batch Students of Prachyanat School of Acting and Design. Admission to the program is FREE for my students. With great satisfaction I recall that last session we were all in a performance of Moliere's play Tartuffe. I am sure we will have a great evening this time too. You can be accompanied by guests as well.

Click on the Invitation Card above to see the details enlarged. 

Everyone who are now Working For SAT, College Admission, and IB

This is to request everyone to send me Reading Report of the items that were given previously. I mention the following names to make sure that you respond accordingly.

Wasifur = Missed a few classes but you are supposed to send me reports.
Samirah = Have not received any report from the assignments. You will again be required to present a talk based on Post-colonialism - this time with KEY reference books. You can even think of a PP. Others will present different titles.
Bushra = I was waiting to get some good reports - but vainly have I waited - where are those?

Susan = Have not reported so far - please go through the old POSTS to get and idea.
Raiyan = I am not expecting any report from you - you have already submitted a substantial amount of reports in the last few weeks. Until your circumstances improve, I can wait. 
Ifrat = I was truly hoping that you would send a report by today. Where is it?
Marisa = I thought that you are preparing a good number of profiles for me. But, they are yet to arrive.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Puja returns with Double-Majors in Biological Engineering and Biochemistry

Puja Banerjee returns this June will all the credentials of a FULL-fledged expert. This is the thing she has sent me regarding the Senior Design (received the 1st Prize) she has done.

"As my senior design, my team and I designed a waste reducing plant for the production of Salsa. The project not only helps minimize waste but also acts as an educational project for the students in the engineering field which is sustainable in one hand on the other hand help minimize environmental and energy impact. The project-design incorporates engineering and scientific principles to develop a business plan that considers ethical, global, and economic aspects. The product has a favourable market as well as positive sensory test indicating that Boilermaker Salsa should do commercially well. If invested, Boilmaker Salsa will help educate students and additionall provide ample marketing opportunity for Purdue University." 

She will be in LOGOPHILES in the last week of July to give us a talk on her experiences. Here is the link to her Project Website. - Boilermaker Salsa

Modern Physics Textbook

Modern Physics 5th Ed  - this link provides the book. The following is a summery-review of the book. Needs Editing. A Review of Mod...