Friday, 29 June 2012

Yesterday's SAT Class - Tomorrow's Timing

Yesterday [Thursday], we has TWO sessions of SAT classes.

      • At 8.30 am in the morning and 
      • At 4.30 pm.

Both classes again discussed a few issues that an applicant would be considering when Applying. Tomorrow [Saturday] we will meet at 10.00 am and have an extended class Tomorrow Saturday. We will discuss the following: -

      • Metamorphosis
      • An American Tragedy
      • Feminism [Mary Wollstonecraft, Simone de Beauvoir, Elaine Showalter]
      • Archetype in Language, Myth, Theory
      • Any other Query from you all

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SAT Class TIming

I have asked the following students to send me their PREFERRED class timing. I am yest to receive any e-mail from them.

Students who promised me to submit their class SAT Class Timing:

Mamshad, Shabbir, Farheen, and Zuhair 

This is to remind everyone that when all the schools open from July 1st we will have at least Saturday 10.00 am as our common timing.

Wednesday Morning SItting

Dear All,

Today, I had a brief 2 hour meeting with a few of the students who did not get a chance to talk to me regarding the SAT way working method. The three students I met today are - Nishat, Nila, and Nayeem. Farheen was also supposed to sit with us, which she failed to do because of a personal engagement.

What did we discuss? Well, a great many things - if you are seriously asking me. But then all our talk were centered on the policy which we follow while we prepare for SAT and Admission US schools.

Among others we discussed the following things:

  1. How to deal with the challenges of learning new things for SAT and Admission Purpose - such as, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing.
  2. How to practice Vocabulary - without using memorisation. How the Vocalisation method works.
  3. Why it is pointless to memorise a word - a Philological finding that was developed between Early and Late 20th Century.
  4. We discussed how to improve one's interaction with others so as to improve one's sharper response to Critical Ideas such as - Feminism, Historiography, Psychology [Behaviourism], Literary and Artistic Theories [Renaissance Models, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism of Picasso].
  5. We also discussed why would a Department such as Mechanical/Chemical Engineering incorporate English Language and Literature as part of its Core Course Work.
  6. We talked about the SAT Resource pages of the Sparknote Website. These pages are now included in a new Tab on the HOME page of our Blog.

Monday, 25 June 2012

"Magic If" - Means and Ends

Ah! Here are some of the Magic If things that pave the way to your kind of College/University. From my point of view it is ONLY the first criteria that really REALLY matters. I have copied the following from an aid-giving university; but it holds true for all colleges as such.
    • The University seeks to enroll students who are intellectually curious, self-motivated and who have a clear sense of purpose.
    • The University students should be poised to embrace the mission of a residential, community-based liberal arts university and appreciate the value of learning in, and about, a diverse community and world.
    • Because the University maintains a focus on personal as well as academic development, our students should also be prepared to assume leadership positions and have the ability to balance a variety of academic and extracurricular commitments.
    • We also seek students who will increase the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of our student body. 
    • Applications for admission are evaluated with a holistic approach, weighting heavily the rigor of secondary school curriculum, trend of achievement, final or predicted final examination results if available, and what we learn about students from letters of recommendation as well as the information they provide in their applications and personal statements. 

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