Every aspiring student, who intends to flourish in a challenging academic environment MUST develop a keen sense of appreciating Art and Culture [both in Eastern and Western context]. Therefore, EVERY student of Anglophiles are encouraged to engage in watching Classic Movies, going to live Theatres, listening to Classical Hindustani and Western Music and thus develop an aesthetic sense for high Art and Culture.

I will keep posting some important links to Films, Music, and Theatre schedules for your information.

Shakespeare Plays retold in STORIES Link

Mandatory Reading:
Additional Reading:
Of all the BLOGS that you will find Listed on the HOME Page of our blog, this ONE blog you will find here:
In the past two years we have added the following Novels to our compulsory reading list. [This note was added on 9th August, 2016]
  1. My Antonia - Full Text
Here is the link to LUMINARIUM, an excellent and vast site of Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century, and Restoration works. You can literally get lost in the Vast Compendium of writings.

Medieval-Renaissance-17th C.-Restoration Writing

I would specifically suggest you to read Dr. Faustus from Renaissance section. Here's the Link to Dr. Faustus

Everyone is requested to watch films that is ONLY in our working list.
  1. Much Ado About Nothing (Featuring Ema Thompson and K. Branagh)
  2. Macbeth (3 versions by 3 Directors: Orson Wells, Trevor Nunn, and Polanski)
  3. Macbeth: Shakespeare Re-told (2005)
  4. My Left Foot, The Field, Intermission - 3 Irish Films
  5. Dancing at Lughnasa - from Irish playwright Brian Friel
  6. Bicycle Thief
  7. Citizen Cane
  8. All the David Lean Films including 
    • Dr. Zivago
    • Lawrence of Arabia
    • A Passage to India
    • Ryan's Daughter
    • Bridge on the River Kwai
    • Brief Encounter
  9. Merchant-Ivory Productions
    • Heat and Dust
    • Bostonians
    • Room with a view
    • The Shakespearewalla (The Last Lear / Shakespeare in Love)
    • Howards End
    • Remains of the Day
    • The Golden Bowl
  10. Ingrid Bergman 
    • Through the Glass Darkly 
  11. বাংলা ছবি
    • চারুলতা
    • সপ্তপদী 
    • কলকাতা ৭১ 
    • সুবর্ণরেখা
    • 36 Chowrangee Lane
    • সীমাবদ্ধ

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