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Monday Classes Cancelled - Instead we meet on Tuesday

Dear All,

We are NOT able to meet tomorrow (MONDAY) - instead we have all agreed that we shall meet on TUESDAY at 9.00 am and work till 12.00 pm.

I have been receiving some REVIEW Articles on our Saturday evening Alumni Meeting. I must say that the reviews show how almost everybody had been very positively moved by the Encounter. This is a very good indication - I will go in the way I had been planning. These responses have made me BOLD enough to go ahead with the promised RUTHLESSNESS.

I hope all of you shall comply. 

Our Alumni Guest for Tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 pm

Dear All SAT students,

Nobody is perfect at writing College Admission Essays. But tomorrow (at 3 pm as usual) we are all going to meet and talk to two of our alumni - who wrote their essays into their dream colleges - Purdue University and University of Rochester . I am expecting that NONE shall MISS this very important opportunity to meet the students who are just fresh from their experiences - the one in a Life-sciences program and the other in Economics.

Launching 2014 SAT Classes - Brief Review of Last Year - Sans Statistics

Dear All,
We are all very happy to acknowledge that 2013 Application Season over, ANGLOPHILES is back on a new year ahead. From the year past - we have again gathered a HUGE amount of experience, a large number of anecdotes, some very refreshing works and definitely a significant rise in the number of Financial Aid to big places. It would NOT be out of place to record here that no less than 3  students with SSC and HSC background had been admitted to US colleges and universities with substantial aid. 
Currently, ANGLOPHILES is working with a moderate number of students who come from different schools in Dhaka. We will be joined by a couple of students from last year who appeared SAT exam, but did NOT apply - and those are the ones who will apply this year. 
Like all previous years - this year is not an exception either - students are found to be often misinformed about the Nature and Quantity of work that will be required for a good admission. One big area of misinformation is - when…