Thursday, August 29, 2013

Assignments / Reading Items - during the last few classes

Everyone is requested to go through the following items immediately.

The following items are taken from Test 9 [Official SAT]
  • Behavioral Science
  • Psychotherapy
  • Neurology
  • History of Black Women
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • L'estranger - the 1st poem from Baudelaire's Le Spleen de Paris
Students were also asked to access the following items. 
  1. Life and Death of Stars - White Dwarf - Red Giant - Black Hole - Supernova - Hypernova
  2. Planetary Astronomy
  3. Quantum Thrust
  4. Gamma Ray Burst
  5. Multiple Universe - Time Warp - Worm Hole
  6. String Theory - Gel Theory 
  7. M-theory [Weak N. Force + Strong N. Force + Gravitational + Electromagnetic] 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Barnard College

Rashif wants to apply to Bernard College! An all-girls college!

MIT study of SAT Essay

MIT study 

[Excerpted from Wikipedia entry on SAT]

In 2005, MIT Writing Director Les Perelman plotted essay length versus essay score on the new SAT from released essays and found a high correlation between them. After studying over 50 graded essays, he found that longer essays consistently produced higher scores. In fact, he argues that by simply gauging the length of an essay without reading it, the given score of an essay could likely be determined correctly over 90% of the time. He also discovered that several of these essays were full of factual errors; the College Board does not claim to grade for factual accuracy.

Perelman, along with the National Council of Teachers of English also criticized the 25-minute writing section of the test for damaging standards of writing teaching in the classroom. They say that writing teachers training their students for the SAT will not focus on revision, depth, accuracy, but will instead produce long, formulaic, and wordy pieces. "You're getting teachers to train students to be bad writers", concluded Perelman.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your Individual Tasks

Dear All,

Today all of have received your individual tasks on various topics. I recall some of the topics as follows.

  1. Political Science - Hugo Grotius + Machiavelli
  2. Particle Physics - String Theory and Gel theory
  3. Buena Vista Social Club + Charles Chaplin
  4. Cuban Crisis, Cuban Revolution, Che Guevara and the Motor Cycle Diary
  5. Charles Chaplin and his Public Speech on Madison Squire 
  6. Dover Beach 
  7. Native America Art 
  8. Surrealism
  9. Mira + Kabir -- Renaissance Humanism -- Sir William Jones
  10. Colonialism -- Post-Colonialism
  11. Cubism -- Picasso + Guernica 
  12. Willow - Van Gogh 
  13. Epistemology
  14. Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
I will update if someone else identify error in the above list. It would be a good idea if someone could make an inquiry into the following topic:

  • Connection between Marxist Economics and Hegelian Philosophy of History

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

October SAT Exam

Can anyone please inform me about the availability of Notre Dame College for the forthcoming SAT exam in October?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our CLass resumes on August 12

Hope to see everyone tomorrow at 8 am. We start working on the critical reading and vocabulary - all are requested to bring STRESSbook.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Urgent Note - Common App Website - Changes in 2013

This is an urgent notice regarding the Common App Site.

Common App site has gone through a complete overhaul. They NO longer provide the paper application forms. This time all the application has to be Submitted Online. However, many of the Colleges/Universities shall still allow you to send application materials by POST. Unfortunately, the essays will have to be sent ONLINE. This means that your essays has to be SHORTER. You need to take great care in Drafting the Why essays too.

The main essay TOPIC areas are now changed - with a 650 word limit. So, nothing to worry!

There is NOTHING to worry - because most of these essays can still be uploaded as Word-Documents.

The Fee-Waiver policy of colleges remains UNCHANGED
TOEFL policy remains UNCHANGED
SAT-I and SAT-II policy remains UNCHANGED

Monday, August 5, 2013

Few Words - from the classes on 4th and 5th August

Untenable - Unrealistic
Dowager - Property [received by Widow from her husband]
Impugn - Attack as false or wrong
Dilletante - Not an Expert
Connoisseur - Expert in Art-appreciation
Churlish - Rustic, Boorish, Provincial, Bucolic
Stubborn - Obdurate, Intractable, Stedfast, Tenacious, Contumacious, Pertinacious, Recalcitrant, Refractory.
Stringent - Strict

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cutrrent Reading Items

Mandetory Reading Items

A Modest Proposal
Bisharjan - Tagore
Sultana's Dream
My Last Dutchess
To His Coy Mistress

Raincoat / Gift of the Magi - O' Henry

Rafiul Azam, Tahsin Azad and Siam Ashraful took a full day that started with Byron and his poems. We read Byron, a little of Lorca as well....