Sunday, 26 November 2017

Tamanna Returns to the Den

Tamanna Akram from Lawrence University has visited us again after a year. She did an intimate briefing session with a couple of current year students. More then half the students were unable to attend for reasons unavoidable. However, Tamanna to catch up with them after she returns from China, where she is doing a three-week long project funded by an organization. In her talk she covered areas such as application essays, life as an undergraduate, financial opportunities, and most importantly how to mentally get prepared for life in a country away from home. Tamanna brought us a few souvenir for our class and these are on display. We also have a few copies of Lawrence Brochures and more can be ordered if needed. 

The session was attended by Rafiul Azam, Ramisha Mahiyat, Samira W Khan, and Sanjeeda Tazrin. [Tamanna sits there with her signature smile on the extreme right.] It was wonderful to learn that Lawrence University is in a position to entertain international students who expect financial assistance during their undergraduate program. in keeping with our previous such sessions, we will be expecting a few more Logophiles Alumni in the month of December. We have already been confirmed a visit from Syud Momtaj Ahmed. In the meantime I would request everyone to work on the coming SAT-I exam - the best preparation could be (1) timing practice, (2) reading a lot of textual materials. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Reading Books - A Short Nice Collection

Would anyone take time to go through these titles? Most of the books are in PDF and convenient on any small device. The second link will take you to 40 short stories - some of the best in English Language. My favourite is Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving. I used the photo here that tells you how reading is never age-specific. It exist across cultures, and you never need to choose while you read things! Oh, and a book on Discrete Mathematics!!!

1. Great Authors - Selections
2. Short Stories - 40
3. Discrete Mathematics

There are a few other books on history of mathematics and state of contemporary mathematics, which I hope to update you after I talk to some of my current students who are well versed in this area.

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