Sunday, 29 November 2015

No ONE Shall skip meeting Tomorrow

No one shall skip meeting tomorrow - we work till 3 pm. The tasks that I have already initiated will be even MORE INTENSE from tomorrow.

Susan shall bring her Financial Aid Papers. Submit plan for Sea of Poppies.
Shadman will send me the PDF version of ISFAA
Ifrat will make the FINAL version of Activity list.
Manjurul will work on the Why Major - towards the Big Universities.
Maisha will bring the Financial Aid papers.
Zayed will submit Research Proposal.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Important Notice

I have already finalized recos for Zayed, Maisha, Bushra, and Susan. I want to finalize at least 2 more by Sunday - so that you can upload these on your CA and concentrate on the coming SAT -I mock. December already has a few government holidays and there will also be a long holiday for Christmas. I intend to finalize the FINANCIAL Aid papers within December 15. Please submit FULL set on Sunday: (1) Tax Papers, (2) ISFAA Form typed and printed (3) Bank Statement

I will attend class from 3 pm onwards. So, our morning class is canceled. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Recommendations - with a sense of Urgency

Image result for recommendationsI have already finalized 2 sets of recommendations so far - Zayed and Bushra - I will finalize TWO more sets by tomorrow so that these may be submitted on Sunday. I will work from 8.00 am onwards. Maisha will collect ONE document, Ifrat will work with me for the 3 Reco finals.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Friday and Saturday Schedule

I was able to go to the Dhaka Lit Fest today.
Tomorrow I will be taking a Theater Workshop at Maghbazar - so I will not have any class.
I will be in class on Saturday from 3 pm onwards.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Dhaka Writers' Meet

Image result for dhaka lit festEveryone is requested to attend the Dhaka Lit Fest Tomorrow from 9.00 am onwards - you may be able to stay till evening. Or alternately, from midday till afternoon.

You can also read a post on last year's Hay Festival on the following link.

Hay Festival 2014 attended by Anglophiles

Question Answer Session

On the issues of why major, supplements, CA Essays, and the requirements for a STEM applicant. A stern warning for working on the supplements alongside preparing all the other materials. This is Raisa's second day here and she will be here again tomorrow. I will engage someone else to work with her. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Lighthouse Lighthouse

Inlet of Hope by Frederick SuitsLighthouses are very romantic. We all have read about the lighthouses from some old-school adventure books - I probably read about a lighthouse in Treasure Island. Fully operational old brick-and-mortar lighthouses are rare and can only be found in a few places. I had a chance to visit one in Scotland in 2012 - it was not romantic, it was just ... lonely. But as I look back I see that the hour of my visit is so clearly imprinted in my memory, that I can NOT deny today that I must have been impressed by the structure. My significant acquaintance with a lighthouse occurred while reading the fictional world of Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse. And then I came across this painting - and remembered how fantastic it would be to visit again - a lighthouse, on a deserted creek.

Maisha and Afrida required to watch the film "Shakespeare in Love" tonight. If Susan is not otherwise engaged - she may also watch! First 32 minutes would be enough for our purpose - the rest is yours. 

SAT Preparation + Sunday Works

We are approaching towards the time when we will have no other things to work on except for our application works. You are requested to prepare in the following manner:
  1. Review SAT II from Princeton + Sparknotes Online (Tonight and Whole day tomorrow)
  2. Give at least ONE test for each Subject.
  3. You are also requested NOT to work on anything after 6 pm tomorrow Friday.
  4. SAT-I candidates shall go through Vocabulary and Critical Reading Passages tonight and May give a Full Test tomorrow morning. NOT in the evening.
  5. I would appreciate if you send me a mail reviewing your own performance. 
  6. We ALL meet on SUNDAY morning for next works. 
  7. Absences are strictly PROHIBITED from Sunday onwards - unless I send someone on specific assignments. 
  8. It is expected that ALL of you will do well - as you have done well in your previous SAT - I exam.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Absent Class

Shadman, Zayed and Bushra are working on their  SAT-II MOCKs. 
  1. Abir
  2. Azima
  3. Ifrat
  4. Mahir
  5. Susan
  6. Wasifur
  7. Ishtiaq
  8. Labib 
  9. Manjurul
I want to have a DOUBLE Mock Tomorrow from 8.30 am - 1.30 pm.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Mocks FROM Tomorrow


It seems that everyone is now under a conspiratorial silence over the ESSAY issue. This is NOT going to bring any benefit and I will make sure that you WRITE in the end - the difference is that you are under more stress - but I believe, this is the best thing you learn.

Anyway, tomorrow we start our MOCKS for the coming SAT-I and SAT-II exams. Full attendance expected.

Aniqa is requested to send me her plans for mocks.

And - will anyone take a look at the profile of Prof. Mukul M. Sharma at the U T Austin (Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering)

Mukul Sharma at UT Austin

Modern Physics Textbook

Modern Physics 5th Ed  - this link provides the book. The following is a summery-review of the book. Needs Editing. A Review of Mod...